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    # of standard beers at a pub

    When you start why not go with a good variety of 8-10 beers that aren't seasonal. Then make a decision based on what your customers buy. And then add in the seasonal beers after you get your research in. Around here there is a local brewery that you pretty much have to have on tap. Its...
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    Active Breweries in the Northeast?

    I live in Utica, so I'll speak up on the ones I know about, although the link ksbrain posted does have most of the ones I know of. If you are in Central New York I highly recommend the Brewery Ommegang. The Cooperstown Brewery is small but located so close to Ommegang it is worth it. The F.X...
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    Best place to drink beer

    My father and I have a tradition of cracking open a beer after putting our tags on a deer. Time of day does not matter. So nothing is better than looking at two deer on the pole at 8 in the morning while drinking a brew. That first sip of "Deer Beer" is awesome.
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    CNY Hop Fest

    I haven't personally been to this event, 2009 Hop Fest But it is local for a bunch of CNY'ers and there are some free events. I am curious about the Hop Queen. A brief list of participating breweries. (Apparently subject to change.) Brewery Ommegang Butternuts Beer & Ale DogFish...
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    Visiting Ithaca Beer - Suggestions?

    Wagner Valley is about 25 miles from Ithaca and they have some pretty good brews. Maybe check them out next time you are staying over. Wagner Vineyards - About the Brewery
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    Is this how saisons taste?

    I will second the Ommegang recommendation for a good example of the style.
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    What beer got you into this?

    My brother got me a beers of the world subscription. That changed my life. I still remember the first Shipyard Porter I had, and going Wow. Until then my go to beer was Michelob's Amberbock.
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    List your favorite 3 beers

    1. Ommegang Abbey Ale 2. Keegan Ales Mothers Milk 3. Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale (I also really like their Old Brown Dog) but was trying to pick a variety.)
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    First batch-SG stuck after moving to secondary

    I am new to this so one of the more experienced brewers can correct me if I am on the wrong track… When checking your FG are you accounting for the temperature of the wort? It sounds like there may be a fifteen degree difference from when you pitched to when you checked your FG. I suck at...
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    kits that have fruit in them

    I used the same Brewer's Best Weizenbier kit as babyboy, only I added the zest of 4 oranges and 4 lemons. It came out pretty good. I based it off one of the recipes in the recipes section.
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    Imperial Stout Bottle Bomb Concerns...

    In addition to the plastic bags, I condition my bottles in six pack holders, inside an old 12/24 case. My thought is the bit of cardboard from the sixer will help to keep the glass contained.
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    You know you are a new parent homebrewer when.....

    Keegan Ales already makes a brew buy that name. It's one of my favorites. Makes me wonder what they put in it now. Keegan Ales | Our Beer
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    google maps of your local LHBS

    Bottom of the Barrel 1736 Mt. Hope Ave. Oneida N.Y. 13421
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    Brewery Tour MD & DE

    Pottsville PA is home of Americas Oldest Brewery Yuengling. Never taken a tour, but enjoy their lager. Or as a friend from Philly calls it Pennsylvania Gatorade. I've been to a brew pub in Philly. I can't remember the name though maybe some locals Philly phanatics can help out.
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    Favorite Commercial Brews

    I'm a fan of Saranac's products. It probably helps that the brewery is only minutes from my house. (I can't wait until the mass produce their Irish Red.) I also really like Smuttynose and Ommegang.
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    Favorite Brewing Music

    I was happy to see a couple of people listen to some progressive stuff. I usually pull on a concept album. Aryeon's Human Equation, Pain of Salvation's Be, Pink Floyd's DSOTM, Symphony X's The Odyssey, and so on. The continuity of thought in the albums makes time fly by for me.
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    Who broke Chain and opened your mind????

    When my brother got married he gave all his groomsmen a 6-month beer of the month club subscription. Best gift ever, as it really exposed me to all the different styles out there.
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    Help me choose please! USA beers

    +1 for Brewery Ommegang. Buy the style you think you'll like. They are all great. +1 Smutty Nose, I love their Shoals Pale Ale. And other people seem to like the rest of their offerings, I just find it hard not to buy the one I like.
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    Ale Pail / other standard 6.5 gal bucket

    Sure they scratch, and you can't see the fermentation. But they do pay for themselves after about three extract/partial extract batches. Price Payed: $60.00 Recommended? Yes
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    Ale Pail / other standard 6.5 gal bucket

    Sure they scratch, and you can't see the fermentation. But they do pay for themselves after about three extract/partial extract batches. Price Payed: $60.00 Recommended? Yes