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    Are there any guidelines/literature on how much dry hop with for modifying recipes?

    I have done quite a bit of kits and want to start messing with changing around the dry hops to add my own taste and start developing my own recipes. On my internet searches I find what dry hopping is, when to dry hop(high krausen, post fermentation, in the keg, etc.) but I'm having trouble...
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    How to clean beer from co2 lines?

    Tonight I noticed I had some beer in my co2 lines. After reading the threads I could not find any info on how to do this... I see lots of comments on how to avoid this (install check valves, don't overfill the keg, etc) but nothing on how best to clean. I was thinking to remove the co2 line from...
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    Garden hose water leaked from chiller into cooling wort. Suggestions?

    I am in the process of cooling my wort and I noticed my immersion chiller was dripping hose water into the wort. My guess would be somewhere between a half cup and a quart of water got in. The wort was at 155 degrees or so when I caught it. The water is chlorinated. Will this impact my beer? Are...
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    71B pitched Thursday night, limited activity in fermenter, pitch more or wait?

    Hope everyone had a great weekend, I made 5.5 gallons of apple wine last Wednesday and pitched a pack of rehydrated 71B yeast on Thursday evening. Saturday morning there was no noticeable activity so I aerated the must. The batch was a bit too big for my 5 gallon carboy so I put the excess in a...
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    Thermoworks Black Friday Sale

    Thermoworks has a bunch of their thermometers and probes on sale for Black Friday, top notch products including the Thermapen. Happy turkey day!
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    Lose 80% of carbonation by pouring a beer into a frosted glass?

    Stumbled upon this video and the gentleman explains that if you pour your beer into a frosted glass you lose 80% of carbonation. I agree with the fact that certain beer styles taste better when served warmer, but I don't get the supposed CO2 loss. Cold liquid can hold more co2, so it would seem...
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    Is dish soap bad to use for cleaning boil kettle?

    I have always scrubbed my kettle with dish soap and hot water to clean it after brewing. Never really thought about it before, but I have seen it suggested to use an alkaline cleanser (PBW) for kettles. Does it really matter? Thoughts? Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some...
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    Found bubbles on top of my pale this morning when I went to dry hop, infection?

    I found bubbles sitting on top of the wort this morning when I went to dry hop my pale ale. Picture attached. Is this the start of an infection? If so, can anything be done? I was planning on kegging it days from now and let it condition in the keg for about a month. Thankfully this is only a...
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    Thinking of upgrading from 8 to 10 gallon kettle, worth it?

    My current BIAB set up is an 8 gallon tall boy kettle that I use with a propane burner. I brew mainly IPA's/ NEIPA's. 13 lbs is about the biggest grain bills I brew with (I do 5 gallon batches for kegging). I have just about all the goodies a home brewer needs (fermentation chamber, stir plate...
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    Advice for Lagering with Big Mouth Bubbler?

    I plan on brewing a lager next weekend and I have never lagered before. I plan on using Saflager W-34/70 and fermenting at 50 degrees for about 2 weeks. Going to bring the temp up to 64 for a diacetyl rest for 2 days, then lager around 32 degrees(whatever is the coldest my my mini fridge can...
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    Best practice for opening carbed keg with beer in kegerator?

    I think that I am getting a slight gas leak through my out post when pouring beer. The beers pours, then a "psst" with foam, then more beer followed by a "psst" with a bit of foam. (Excellent description I know!). I am going to try tightening the out post and see if that makes a difference...
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    Forgot to add sucrose to boil, still hit my numbers. Should I care?

    Brewed Star Gazer IPA(Star Gazer Hazy Double IPA - Big Brew 2021) today and realized after chilling the wort I forgot to add sucrose for the 60 minute boil. Checked my numbers and I hit my SG perfectly without it (1.068). I figure I could boil up some water and add it, but I am thinking I...
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    Messed up on salt additions, how can this impact taste?

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! On this morning's brew I messed up on brewing salt additions for Star Gazer IPA. The recipe calls for 2tsp Calcium Chloride, 1/2 tsp gypsum, 1/4 tsp salt in RO water. I went with my normal go to for hoppy beers, 4g calcium chloride and 7g gypsum in RO...
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    Is Wyeast wine nutrient blend recommended dosage correct(1/2 tsp per 5 gal)?

    Was just wondering if the recommended dosage of Wyeast wine nutrient blend was correct at 1/2 tsp per 5 gallons. It just seems rather low for wine/mead when other nutrients I have suggest a dosage rate of 1/4-1/2 tsp per gallon. Is this stuff just super concentrated? I just started a 1.25...
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    Kegerator set at 38 degrees, beer pouring at 50+ degrees, what gives?

    I hate when basic science fails me, but here I am. I have a Danby fridge converted to 2-keg kegerator and am running an inkbird controller set at 38 degrees, the beer is pouring at 50-53 degrees. The temperature probe is held against a keg with a neoprene coozy. I just placed a thermoworks...
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    Today had very poor conversion, any suggestions on how to avoid next time?

    Greetings everyone! Today I went to brew a Bell's Official clone and ended up quite under my target. Last time I brewed this recipe I had SG at 1.053. This time I have SG at 1.041(checked with refractometer, double checked and verified with a hydrometer). The grain bill is 5 lbs Pilsner, 5 lbs...
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    Intertap faucet randomly quit pouring

    Yesterday I cleaned the keg lines/faucet and put a fresh keg on tap. I did a quick pour to get the rinse water out and get the beer flowing. A few hours later friends came over and the tap wasn't pouring at all. It is an adjustable flow Intertap faucet. Gas was fine(8-9 PSI). I disconnected and...
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    What to do when you know yeast starter will overflow?

    Just wondering, what is the best thing to do when making a starter and you know the yeast will overflow? I knew my yeast was going to go crazy (White Labs London Fog) on my last starter so I used a 4L fermenter instead of my 2L flask. Anyways I had about 1.5 L of starter in the 4L fermenter on...
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    Any suggestions for a way to clip/attach flexible tubing to bucket rim when siphoning?

    The community here is such an inventive bunch and I was wondering what would be a good way to temporarily attach flexible siphon tubing to the rim of my bottling bucket or fermenter when transferring. I get nervous each time I transfer liquids and have the hose freely dangling in the bucket/...
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    Cause of grassy aftertaste in cider?

    I have been brewing cider for a few years now and just did a tried and true recipe(Basically half white grape cherry juice and half apple juice, I can link to recipe if needed). The taste up front is correct, but it hits with a grassy aftertaste which I has never happened before in any cider I...