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    Grain Storage

    As a beginner I'm not sure how long I can store grain. I thought I would put it in a PET plastic canister, uncrushed, and pull a vacuum from a one way check valve on the top. This would eliminate any o2. Would this be advisable and how long will it last. Thanks
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    Sediment yeast

    If I bottle the sediment yeast at the bottom for my fermenter, how long can I wait before I have to use it. Should I add additional yeast to the next beer batch or is the sediment yeast enough? The cost of liquid yeast is around $7 and I'm cheap so I would like to use the Yeast in my fermenter...
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    Fermenter Sediment

    I have over 1 inch of sediment in my fermenter. Is there any way I can filter it when I go to my secondary. The sediment is clogging the spigot. Thanks
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    Brass fitting

    I just installed a new spigot in my fermenter and the nut is brass. Does anyone know it the brass will affect the beer or yeast. Thanks
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    Dry vs Liquid yeast !!Cost!!

    Okay, I do have another question. I've been using liquid yeast from white labs and it seems to work well. Problem is I brew only 2.5 gal. each time, and the yeast bottle is for 5 gal. I use the whole bottle and it seems to work well. The problem is, it costs $7 a bottle. The recipe I'm working...
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    Yeast temperature

    I have one more question for the experts. I'm brewing an Octoberfest beer and it calls for a lager yeast. My spare frig can only go as high as 47 F. I know the optimum temperature for lager yeast is around 55 F. Is 47 F okay or should I use an ale yeast, fermentation temp around 72 F. That...
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    DME vs Corn sugar

    My question for today. I'm brewing a batch of Ale, all grain, and the SG is to low after boil. Should have been 1.052 and it's 1.042. I don't have any DME so would it be okay to use corn sugar instead. I used more water than I should have at mashing. Thanks Fred
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    I have a lot of extra gain from previous batches I've brewed. How long can I leave the grain in the Frig, and still be usable. Thanks Fred
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    I have alot of extra gain from different batches I've brewed. How long can grain be stored in the Frig. and still be usable? Thanks Fred
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    Missread hops amount

    Good Day, I have a question and am kind of ashamed to ask, but here goes. I brewed a batch of Kolsch yesterday, 2.5 gals from an online recipe of 5 gal. When adding the hops, I used the full 5 gal amount instead of halfing the amount. The IBU was supposed to be 27 and mine came out 80. Is...
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    Mash times for 2 gal volume beer

    Good Day, I have a Mr Beer kit but would like to use other recepies. Most recipies call for ingredients for making 5 gallons. My question is on Mash time. When you only want to make a 2 gal bach of beer, is the mash time and hops time shortened by a factor of 5? A Kolsch recipe calls for a...