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    Secondary regulator issues

    I purchased a Haeir kegerator off of craigslist a few weeks ago complete with 5 lb CO2 tank. I wanted to add a few more kegs to my setup so I purchased a secondary regulator from Micromatic along with a 3-tap tower. I installed the secondary regulator with approximately 2.5 feet of hose between...
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    Is Beer tools right on this?

    So I stopped by and talked to the friendly folks at St. Louis Wine and Beermaking and they helped me make sense of my existing stock, added a few things, and we decided on a Dunkelweizen recipe. I decided to run it through Beer Tools free Generator to get a better idea of things and here it is...
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    Refrigerator or freezer?

    So I'm getting closer and closer to biting the bullet and getting either a refrigerator or freezer. I wanna know what you have and why your's is or isn't the best to have. On top of that, do I get an analog or digital controller?
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    What do I do now?

    So I've got 5 gallons of Vienna in the primary, pitched my yeast slurry, and poured cool water around the fermenter. My question is when do I start cooling things down? I'm going to be using gallon milk jugs filled with frozen water. I just don't know when to start that process. Here's a...
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    Yeast Starter Viability

    This is my first time ever making a starter so go easy on me here. I put together a yeast starter on Wednesday night using Wyeast's Bavarian Yeast around 8:30 PM. I used a 1/2 cup of Plain Amber DME in my starter along with the amount of water prescribed in "How to Brew." I have been...
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    New Recipe... What do you think?

    Got this from Beer Tools free Generator. Any thoughts and/or additions? I could use a different adjunct, but corn sugar is what I have. I don't even need to necessarily use any adjuncts. Looking for a Dos Equis style brew. Vienna Lager Recipe Type Extract Batch Size...
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    Can someone run this through their Beer Tools?

    Hello all, I ran this through beercalculus. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to buy Beer Tools yet (limited budget). Think anyone could run this through their Tools? I have a specific question(s). But before the question here are some specifics: Planning on doing 5 gallon extract...
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    Anyone wanna help with a recipe?

    I've got all my supplies ready for a 5 gallon extract brew. Just need a few insights into what I should do for a recipe. Here's the supplies I have so far: 1 Lb. Crystal Malt 40L (uncracked--that leaves me with an entirely different problem) Muntons Can of Amber LME 1 lb. Muntons Amber...
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    Recipe suggestions

    Since I'm a broke college kid AND my local brew shop only allows me 1 oz. of whole leaf hops at a time I figured I would branch out and ask for recipe suggestions. Here are the supplies I have thus far: 1 can of Muntons Liquid Malt Extract-Wheat 1 can of John Bull Liquid Malt...
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    1st All-grain: Fly or Batch?

    I'm hoping to do my first all-grain in a few weeks and I wanted a few opinions. Should I make a sparge arm and try to fly sparge, or should I try and not complicate my first time out by just batch sparging? I realize its a matter of personal taste but getting input from everyone is a nice...
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    Can someone explain efficiency?

    So I've been thinking about going into all-grain and I keep hearing about "efficiency." I've looked here and haven't found too many explanations and John Palmer kind of confused me (no offense to Palmer). Can anyone explain this in layman's terms?
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    Turkey Fryer question

    So I've been on the prowl for a turkey fryer (never owned one before) and I'm curious if any models offer up a pot with a valve already installed. If not, what can I do to install a valve without having to bribe and/or pay a welder? (i.e. weldless fitting) Also, do turkey fryers...
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    New to HBT and all-grain

    Hello there, My name is David and I'm new to HBT. I have been brewing beer since the wee age of 4 (my great-grandmother was one of the top bootleggers up in Rockford, IL during Prohibition so it was only natural that subsequent generations have a healthy appreciation for booze) Anyways...