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    2011 Hop Garden Picture Thread

    Third times a charm:drunk:
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    2011 Hop Garden Picture Thread

    Cascades in April!!! pic in first post didn't work.
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    2011 Hop Garden Picture Thread

    Cascades growing up my 6 foot privacy fence...pretty good for the middle of April!! /Users/kharabin/Downloads/IMAG0192.jpg
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    2011 Hop Garden Picture Thread

    No pics yet but my cascades are 6 feet high already.
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    Adding honey during primary

    How many gravity points will I get if I add 1 lb of honey during primary? OG was 1.070.:mug:
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    HBT on Iphone

    It is, just downloaded it. It works great.:mug:
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    Help please.....

    I use gelatin in my beer and it gets crystal clear. I would assume that this could be used in wine as well.
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    Caribou Slobber

    I think it is but I have never had Moose Drool so I don't know for sure.
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    Caribou Slobber

    I just tapped a keg AG Caribou Slobber from Northern Brewer ad I have to say I am a fan. This is a great session beer with lots of flavor. has anyone else brewed this and if so what is your take on it?:mug:
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    Pliny the Elder

    Just ordered the kit from AHS:ban: I've never had the beer before but I'm stoked.:D
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    cold crash then add gelatin?

    I have always added gelatin after i cold crash when i am racking to the keg if i dont use a secondary and never had a problem. It clears it up in a few days. Just my two cents.
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    1000 oaks mini barrels

    does anyone know if these will hold pressure so you can get a little carbonation and serve it up like a cask ale?
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    Magnum/Maris SMaSH

    i say move the 45 and 30 min additions to 10 and 5 or 5 and 0, you will get more hop flavor and aroma and less bitterness. just my 2 cents
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    Brett question

    I am making a "Funkhouse" ale similar to omeggedon (i hope). Anyway, its my 1st time using brett, i pitched it about halfway through active fermentation. I used a saison yeast and it fermented out and now i am getting some bret character in the hydro samples. I plan on letting this one go at...
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    Barleywine is good!

    By far my favorite is HOG HEAVEN, but i am a hop head. but i do like BEESLEYS BARLEY WINE ALE, which is my own recipe.
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    How does wang taste anyway?
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    7 day ESB

    Just poured a pint of my ESB brewed on 11/22/08, pitched on a wlp002 english ale yeast cake. 7 days from grain to glass, a new personal best.:ban:
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    Chest freezer keeps tripping breaker...

    this happened to me but ever since i hooked up the temp control and fet it to around 45ish ive been ok. knock on wood.