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    San Francisco lager yeast question

    Anyone had good results with this yeast at lager temps? It was the only liquid yeast my LHBS had and I'm suspect after reading mixed reviews, I'm making a Vienna lager. Thanks!
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    Looking for a birthday present

    So my birthday is coming up and I'm looking to get a new piece of equipment. I already have a good mash tun, a keg for a boil kettle, I'm looking for suggestions for a new piece of equipment, I'm thinking a march pump? Something to make my brew day easier.
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    Is this spigot ok on mashtun?

    My buddy made this mash tun with this spigot, anyone see any issues with it?
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    Yeast still good?

    I washed some yeast from a brew back on 12/31/12, and have it stored in my fridge this whole time, is it still good? It's english ale yeast and I'm going to make a starter...thanks!
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    Critique my IPA recipe please

    I orginaly used 2 pounds of vienna but wanted to try something different, so i thought of putting 2 pounds of wheat malt instead, thoughts? I am also dry hopping with an ounce of simcoe and citra, and i'm thinking about changing the first wort hop to columbus or magnum Grains & Adjuncts...
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    2nd year hops

    So I've got about three 3 foot shoots coming out already, and my question is: is this normal? Is it too soon? I live in Cincinnati, I wasn't prepared for them to come so quickly and now I have to build a hop trellis.
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    The head on my beers change 1/2 way through keg

    So the last 3 kegs the head of my beers have changed from perfect to a thick ice cream type of head about 1/2 way through the keg, it's like that for awhile then it seems to go away once it gets down to be last 5-10 beers, any thoughts?
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    What to do with my lager?

    So I made my first lager on 12/29 and have it my garage which is a constant 50 degrees, however this Friday and Saturday it is supposed to get up to 60 degrees. I checked the gravity yesterday and it was at 1.03, should I throw it in my fridge (not temp controlled) or should I just let it go...
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    Zombie dust yeast harvest

    Has anyone grid to harvest the yeast from zombie dust ? Does anyone know if its the house yeast they use to bottle condition? Thanks
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    What should i add to test batch DIPA

    So I made a hopslam clone this weekend, ended up with an extra gallon that I decided to ferment in a separate gallon jug, I used a different yeast, London ale. I want to do something different for this one, any ideas? Thinking oak chips, cedar planks? any ideas are welcome. Og is 1.092 going...
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    Should I step up starter?

    I am making an Imperial IPA this evening with a OG of 1.098. I made a 1 liter starter last night with some california ale yeast I washed from a previous batch (about 2 cm worth of 2 mason jars) and its been on my stir plate for 12 hours. Mr. Malty says I need 300 billion cells, should/can I...
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    Dry Hopping a keg

    So I have a pale ale in a keg I carbed up with priming sugar, I also foolishy dry hopped with an ounce hop pellets, not in a tea ball or bag, i'm concerned i'm going to be pulling out hop pellets or clog the dip tube, should I transfer to another sealed corny keg via CO2 with gelatin finings...
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    The Flying Pig IPA

    I brewed this up the day after I ran the Flying Pig marathon, hence the name. It turned out VERY good, best IPA I've made, very citrusy, grapefruits, finished dry but still had some sweetness to it. The Flying Pig Style: American IPA Type: All Grain Calories: 221 Rating: 0.0 Boil Size...
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    Clear, then not clear in keg

    So I kegged and Oktoberfest about 1 month ago, used gelatin finings force carbonated it, and when I tapped it, it was crystal clear. About a week and half later I went to take a pull and now it's it's starting to clear up again any ideas?
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    Stop fermentation

    I poured my wort onto a yeast cake of cal ale over the weekend, I don't want the beer to end up too dry, how can I stop fermentation? I want it to end at 1.018, the last ipa on this yeast ended at 1.012. Will cold crashing work? I'm going to keg this beer anyway.
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    Is this infected?

    Added gelatin finings last night and put it in the fridge and noticed this today?
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    Need help with keggle

    Installed a ball valve too high, it leaves about a gallon in the boil kettle, then I have to tilt, then it gets clogged with hops, so I installed a bazooka tube, which helps, but what other options do I have? Install another ball valve and have 2? Would a screen work at the bottom? I don't want...
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    DIPA Critique

    Anyone have any suggestions for this DIPA recipe, want to make it a little lighter on the color. Is it possible to get extract beers lighter in color? Thanks. 5 gallons extract with grains; OG = 1.080, FG = 1.018, IBU = 100, SRM = 13 Ingredients: • 6 lbs. (2.7 kg) Briess Golden...
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    White Rajah for trade

    Anyone interested in trading for White Rajah, very good beer I live in ohio and i'm looking for any beers from Russian River, also looking for beers from Maumee Bay if anyone lives up north.