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  1. K

    Recipe for Fruli Style Beer

    Hi, I've been wondering if anyone has come across a recipe similar to the commercial Fruli Beer? It's an amazing beer but a tad pricey where I live and would like to reproduce it at home. Thanks in advance James.
  2. K

    Swing Top Bottles

    Hi, It's been a while but I was wondering if anyone had any experience of keeping wine for extended periods in swing top bottles? I have a good few 75cl swing top bottles and was wondering if they would be of any use. They are ceramic with a rubber washer which doesn't seem to make contact...
  3. K

    How "According To Book" are people?

    Hi, I was just thinking today that there are times when I have been making wines that I have been very very gun-ho. I have only technically started and once I get the wedding and honeymoon over at the end of this month I have been given permission to "expand" my hobby. Currently I have been...
  4. K

    Starting Issues and Resolution

    Hello, I was hoping to get some feedback on this issue. BACKGROUND Started 3 x 1 gallon batches of Elderflower Wine (from Cordial - good results before). One had a mug of very strong (stewed) tea, another had 1kg raisins and the last had the rind of 3 oranges and the juice of 5...
  5. K

    Bottling Safety

    Hello, I recently made a wine from a nice organic Summer berry cordial (1 gallon). After about 5 weeks (racked it once at the end of week 3) fermentation had slowed considerably, to about once every 15/20 minutes or so. I took a decision not to add campden or fermentaion stopper to the wine...
  6. K

    Topping Up In Secondary

    In a couple of days I plan on moving my Pear Wine to secondary. Due to the large amount of pulp and a bit of overflow there is going to be a fair bit of air at the top of the demi-john. I realise that it can be quite nasty (eg introducing bacteria etc) having a large air space so I assume this...
  7. K

    Another Overflow Question (Well Questions)

    The wine I am currently brewing (pear) along with the yeast I am using is creating a huge amount of overflow. It's been sitting for nearly 24hrs now and since yesterday at about 8 o'clock it's been overflowing into the bubbler airlock and out. My approach to this was to sterilise my other...
  8. K

    Handling Overflow

    Hi I just started a basic pear wine. I left plenty of room from the top of the demijohn (over 3 inches from the neck) but earlier it's really starting to creep up and within the next hour or so will start pushing through the airlock. What the best way to handle this? Let it happen and clean...
  9. K

    Citric Acid Substitute

    Hello, If you don't have any citric acid for a recipe is it possible to replace it with, say, lemon juice or lemon peel? If so how should the quantities be adjusted? Also what will happen to the wine itself if the replacement is made (taste and colour wise?)? Any? Thanks in advance...
  10. K

    Sourcing Concentrates

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could offer me advice? I've been looking through the posts here for different wines, meads and ciders and a lot of them suggest using concentrated fruit juices. I've looked and can't find anything other than grape concentrate. I live in Ireland and was...