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    CO2 pressure increasing

    Roughly 20 hours later and the CO2 pressure seems perfectly stable. Thanks again for the help!
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    CO2 pressure increasing

    Thanks everyone... going to try the fix in the above post and will report back. PSI is now reading 15 so it has increased since I started the thread. Edit: I set the PSI just over 11, then opened the gas valve, the pressured dropped, and has climbed back to just over 10 and has been sitting...
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    CO2 pressure increasing

    Hello... New here, and new to kegging. I set the PSI on the regulator at 12, opened up the flow valve, released the pressure release valve, got another reading, still 12. All good there. But over time - talking an hour or so - the pressure has increased to 14. It may still be rising. What...