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    keezer stored outside

    I'm about to build myself a keezer but need to place in my outbuilding. (Lack of room) If stored in the outbuilding will it keep the beer from freezing or will I have to install some type of heat inside the keezer. Thanks in advance
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    problem or not

    I am making a milk stout of 1052 and pitched a 1 liter starter of 1099 Whitbread yeast on Monday. Bubbling in airlock great on tues and wed morning nothing this morning. it just quit, should I let it go another day or two before taking specific gravity or pitch more yeast.
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    portable kegerator for long term

    Has anyone used a portable kegerator (trash can) for several months. If so how much trouble was it with water build up etc? I currently have the money for a kegging system but not for a fridge or freezer. I would like to start kegging but it will be at least 6 months before the freezer.
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    liquid yeast

    I just pitched the vial. Thanks for the replies I'll check the gravity after work
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    liquid yeast

    How long should it take for liquid yeast to finish. This is my first time using liquid (wlp 810 san Francisco lager) yeast and as of tomorrow it will be 2 weeks at 60 degrees but the airlock is still going strong. I'm used to dry yeast fininshing much faster. Should this be finished or do I...
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    2 yeast for most beers

    I live out in the country and have to order all my supplies online. I want to order 2 liquid yeast that I could use for most beers. One for pale ales and ipa's and the other for stouts, porters and brown ales. I plan on making starters and using these over and over. I need to order before...
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    2 jars for yeast starter

    I am wanting to make a starter big enough to pitch (1 qt) with some left over in the fridge to use in a new starter later. Can I get the starter ready pitch yeast and divide into 2 containers (one to use and one to save) before it ferments without a problem. As you can tell this is my first...
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    red and dark beer yeast

    I wanted yeast for both American style amber ale or American stouts and I wanted a yeast good for both. Do you think liquid yeast makes better beer than dry all other things being equal
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    red and dark beer yeast

    I have been brewing for about 2 years and want to try liquid yeast to hopefully improve my beer. the dry yeast has been good but I am hoping for better. What yeast would you recommend for both red and dark beers. I want to start small and hopefully use the same yeast for both, hopefully using...
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    wort for yeast starter

    Thanks for the help.
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    wort for yeast starter

    I'm planning on brewing a pale ale on Saturday and wanted to save some of the wort to use for a yeast starter for the next batch. I plan to freeze this wort. Should I collect the wort before the boil or after or does it matter? I'm new at this, so any help would be appreciated.
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    wort chiller or slow chill?

    I just started doing full boils with all grain and am trying to decide on a wort chiller or not. several things I have read say just allowing the wort to cool and pitch the next day works fine. I would like to hear from some that have tried it as to how it works and if the wort chiller really...
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    adding ginseng

    I'm about to brew a pale ale and wanted to add ginseng to this. If anyone has any experience would you add the root to the boil or would you soak in vodka and add at bottling. Any suggestions would be appreciated as this is my first attempt at something like this.
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    wyeast 1007 sub

    I've been brewing for about 2 years and so far have only used dry yeast. I don't have a local homebrew shop and am hesitant about having liquid yeast shipped with the warm weather. I'm wanting an American style wheat with lemon zest flavor, so I want the yeast to finish clean. Thanks for the...
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    2 or 3 wks in fermentor?

    Thanks for the advice. I'm not in that big of a hurry so I'll let it go the 3 weeks. I'm positive I don't do everything exactly right and need the extra weeks help.
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    wyeast 1007 sub

    Is there a good dry yeast to substitute for Wyeast 1007. I'm brewing a summer ale similar to sam adams summer wheat
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    2 or 3 wks in fermentor?

    I just finished my first all grain batch last week and wondered if it would make much of a difference in taste to bottle after 2 weeks instead of 3 in the fermentor. the original gravity was 1.052 and I used dry yeast S-05.
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    first all grain problems

    I just finished my first all grain (Irish red) and didn't calculate the proper amount of water and ended up with only 4 1/4 gal in the fermentor and an og of 1.052 instead of 1.048 will this cause problems with taste etc and if so should I add water tomorrow to make the total 5 gal.or just...