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    Steam condenser boilover and figuring out proper power percentage

    FWIW - I'm doing 5 gallon batches in a 15 gal kettle with a DIY steam condenser (6 or 6.5 gals wort with 5500 watt element). I'd have to keep the power output pretty low like that to prevent boil overs too (30%-ish). With a few drops of Fermcap and a 9 GPH nozzle in the condenser I can turn the...
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    Opinions on Clawhammer 20G Homebrew System

    No experience with Clawhammer either (sorry - I know that's your original question). I will say that I like the idea of Bobby's BIAB recirculating system that Deric linked above (watch the video of his system in action) . I loosely based my DIY build build on his logic, while leaving things...
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    Bru'n Water full volume calculation

    Thanks guys!
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    Bru'n Water full volume calculation

    Been using Bru'n Water pretty successfully with a three-vessel fly sparge setup. I usually get pretty close with the predicted numbers. Giving BIAB a try again. Never did water chemistry adjustments when doing BAIB in the past (new house, new water, using pure RO water now). Question: If I...
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    DIY glycol tank idea.

    Following this thread! I had a similar idea of using my old chest freezer to keep a container of glycol chilled, then pump that through the conical.
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    Brewery GFCI

    Not sure if this is best, but it was best for me. I had to run a new circuit for my brew station anyway, so I put a GFCI breaker in my main panel.
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    "Future proof" eBIAB controller

    This is pretty much what I did. Currently only running one element, one pump, but built the control panel with "future-proof" in mind. I used the diagram for a 50 amp two element two pump panel (50 amp main contactor, 6 gauge wires where needed, breakers where needed, etc), but left out the...
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    Starting my eHERMS build....

    Looks like it's coming together nicely! Exciting to have new equipment :) I gotta say though, that new Spike logo is going to kill the OCD side of me. I bought a new Spike kettle earlier this spring, has the old logo on it. It's a great kettle, Spike was completely awesome to work with and the...
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    Keep One, Drop One - Word Game

    dirty bastard
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    Debittered Black / Blackprinz in Bru'n Water

    Thanks for the replies. I treated the malt as roasted in the spread sheet. My actual mash PH ended up a fair bit higher than anticipated, but I think part of the reason is that I'm still tweaking volume parameters on my new setup. I hit high on mash PH in my previous brew too, and that was a...
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    Auber PID vs Electric Brew Supply PID

    Relative noob here, in regards to electric brewing. I have a pretty simple system and don't need anything fancy. I went with the DSPR-120 and I love it. I find it reasonably intuitive to use and didn't need to adjust anything out of the box. It just works well. Only using to heat strike water...
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    The All In One Brewing Control Panel (HERMS,RIMS,BIAB,...)

    I'm going to raise my hand and say that I'm one of those people. I used Doug's diagrams to build my panel. Works like a charm and (knock on wood) have had zero problems with it. I'm not an electrical idiot, but not an electrical engineer either. I would have struggled to do what I did without...
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    What are you using under your kettle for heat protection?

    I'm pretty happy with this for 5 bucks.
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    Debittered Black / Blackprinz in Bru'n Water

    Calculating for tomorrow's brew day.. Never used debittered Black malts before. Should I treat it as a roasted malt on the spread sheet?
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    How long does your brew day take with your electric systems?

    I've only got a couple batches on my electric set up. Still learning the new process and hardware. I do some prep the night before (grind grains, fill RO water tank). At this point only my kettle is electric, still using big round orange coolers for mash tun and HLT (panel is built for 50 amp...
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    For Sale Unitank and misc items

    Oh my.. I'm in Comstock Park! Been toying with the idea of a conical for a bit. Teetering between this and a Spike. I like the TC top clamp on this vs the style on the Spike. But Spike has the 2" dump on the bottom vs the 1.5 on the SS. How does the dump on this work for you? Does it clog ever...
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    New EBIABasket system initial brew day (apologize for the long post in advance)

    Cool. Nice set up. I have about the same kettle as you. I had it configured so I could do brew in a bag/basket in the future if I decided to. In theory I think I like the idea of the basket better than a bag (I did biab for a while).
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    New EBIABasket system initial brew day (apologize for the long post in advance)

    Looks like it fits nice and tight in the kettle, not too much dead space? Where did you have it made?
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    New EBIABasket system initial brew day (apologize for the long post in advance)

    What's the basket you're using? Is it perf on the sides, or just bottom?
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    RTD PT100 connection options

    Not sure if this would work for you, but this is what came with my RTD probe when I bought it. It had the wires already soldered on the XLR female connector. Soldering iron isn't too expensive to buy though, if you want to learn a new skill :)...