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    NJrockpd's Summer Shandy Recipe check

    I looked at the All Grain Orange American Wheat and Summer Citrus Wheat recipes to come up with this. Recipe Type: Partial Mash Frankenbrew Yeast: White Labs - WLP029...
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    Leftover high AA Hops; Any suggestions of how to use them?

    I have 3 ounces of leftover hops, which is good, but they are three hops very high in AA so I'm trying to decide how to use them all. -1 oz. Columbus Origin: USA Aroma: Earthy, spicy, pungent, with some citrus overtones. Not overwhelmingly citrus like Cascade. Alpha Acid: 14% to 16% -.9...
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    Calculating OG after adding water

    I was brewing last week and after cooling I took a gravity reading of 1.065, which was pretty high for my Schwarzbier. I moved it to a carboy and realized it was about 4 gallons so I added a gallon pitched my yeast and forgot to take a reading. So my question is if your gravity is 1.065...
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    Honey APA: My first Recipe

    I did some research and the recipe seems good to me but I could very well be missing something or making a big mistake. I want to learn from the accidents I make, but if anyone sees any problems with the recipe please give me the heads up so I can learn without wasting my money. HONEY APA...