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    old yeast, starter, gravity not going down.

    Hi guys, I ran into a bit of trouble trying to make a yeast starter from some rather old yeast. I made a starter about 3 months ago, did not like how it had a strong sour smell so i ended up not brewing at all. So it stayed in the fridge this whole time and i decided to try it again. At that...
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    Can you mix your LME/DME is a small pot and then add it?

    I've done 2 late extract batches recently and they have been a pain in the ass cause i have a weak stove, it take half hour to get it boiling and once i take it off to add the rest of the extract half way through (or so) it takes like another 25 to get boiling again. So why not pre-dissolve...
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    Made my 1st starter and the Gravity is off the charts..

    -Just a few hours in, not worried about fermentation just confused by the gravity. So i had some 4 month old washed yeast and decided i'd give it a shot by making my 1st Yeast starter and use it for an Amber Ale (which is what i made with the yeast originally). I had 32oz jar, decanted and...
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    How much washed yeast to repitch (Slurry,MrMalty)

    I've read through about 20 threads and listened to a 2 hour podcast on the subject but i still dont have the answer to what i wanted to ask. I guess to put it simply the question is What is slurry? Or what does MrMalty consider to be slurry? When you have a jar of washed yeast in the fringe...
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    Chinook IPA from Brewmasters Warehouse...little help

    I've been trying to pick out an IPA recipe and thinking about going with this one. I'm still a notice and got confused by a few things. Its listed as an extract yet 2 of the bolded ingredients says "must be...
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    Quick help, about to pitch yeast but thermometer not showing temp

    I cooled it pretty good in the snow for 30 min, mixed with 3 gal of cold water. THe bucket is barely warm, nothing on the stick on therm on the bucket. Not sure what to do.
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    Err, help making this recipe? (GenX Belgium Pale Ale)

    So here's the thing. Ordered this recipe "kit" from Brewmasters. I guess i did not know what i was ordering since its lacking a few components of a "kit". For 1 it came with no instructions and this being my 2nd batch i'm not panicking but dont feel confident i can do it without help. I'll...
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    Question about yeast after bottling

    One of the things i was not happy about in my 1st brew was the color of the beer. It was very cloudy and overall had a muddy quality to it, did not look very appetizing at all. Its been a week since i bottled it. I can't see exactly whats happening inside the bottles but i do have 1 "sample"...
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    Is there any benefit to keeping the beer in the fermenter after its done fermenting?

    I'm wondering if maybe i should keep all my 1st time brew questions in 1 thread, hopefully the new ones are not annoying anyone. I'm making a very simple Amber Ale recipe, that calls for 1 week in the primary, 1 week in secondary before bottling. Now i've seen many post and many people...
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    Did i shock the Yeast, or is it ready to go? Fermentation/Gravity

    Hey there, 1st time brewer, there is SOOO much info here its actually hard to find what i'm looking for so i figured i'll ask. Its day 7 in primary, was planning to rack to secondary tomorrow as the instruction say. Not sure if its done fermenting though, or if it is the gravity is too...
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    Quick noob question about Brew Pot size.

    Hey guys, 1st post. I will be putting everything together tomorrow, no time today, but i figured i get this question out of the way and hopefully be ready to go by tomorrow. My question is what is the smallest Pot size i can use for a 5G recipe? I have about a 3G, would that be enough to boil...