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    Are AIO units like Spike Solo/Unibrau worth the extra money?

    I have a clawhammer 20 gal and have about 10 batches under my belt. I love it. Easy to replace parts (if needed, not yet for me) and easily modified with any hardware. Nothing is proprietary other than than the pid. The spray recirculation is the only downside. I'm looking hook up a lock line...
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    Opinions on Clawhammer 20G Homebrew System

    I have the clawhammer 20 gal. I really like it. Very easy to replace parts if you need to. I agree with a previous comment about the basket. I just put a bag inside the basket. Keeps everything off the element and you can sparge. I've done about 10 brews. I'm still trying to lock in the pid...
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    Mashing Pumpkins Spice Saison

    Has anybody brewed this beer? I have never brewed a pumpkin or a saison before. Hell, I have never even tried a pumpkin saison but this recipe looked good. My biggest concern is using...