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    Open fermentation and low o2 brewing

    Anyone with experience on open fermentation and dissolved o2 of this? Are they allowing o2 from the atm to dissolve into the open fermentation , and allowing yeast to get to that at the surface and reproduce, somewhat preserving the below wort from oxidation, then moving to closed ferementation...
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    Open fermentation question

    During open fermentation, alot of factors we control with closed fermentation are exposed. When a brewer uses this method, how are factors like oxygen, bacterial/wild yeast, etc dealt with. There are some big name European brewers still using open fermentation, i believe pilsner urquell and...
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    C02 leak , very slow

    I recently switched from using sanke kegs to using ball lock setups. I have a small leak somewhere, but cant seem to find it. My old connections I had pex ring clamps, the new hoses have worm drives. Also in the end of the connector that screws onto the new ball lock post, there is a nylon...
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    Preliminary experimental results for same yeast

    Here are some pics of two experimental batches I have going. The yeast is the same, from the same smack pack. Difference between the batches is mash process, and OG. Batch 1 is 1.051 OG and batch 2 is 1.042 OG. Both started at 1.030 prior to boil
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    Nitro style

    I posted this in another forum, but maybe a better question to pose here. For gluten free/ low level protein beers, what methods are used for a nitro style to achieve the texture levels/ cascade/ and head that a regular beer would have? Thanks
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    Nitro Style and protein levels

    For making a nitro style beer, and getting a high level of texture and cascade, what role is protein playing in that, is there other things like maltodextrin that can achieve these results. For low protein level beer/cider. Thanks.
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    Steeping grains after the boil

    I was thinking about adding the steeping grains after flameout. I hop at 170-180 after boil and let sit for a while. I am wondering if I can add my steeping grains at around 160 and keep it at 150-155 for 30 minutes. I guess I am trying to avoid bringing what the steeping grains add to the wort...
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    Dryhopping with whirlpool hops situation

    So new here. I have have brewed a couple APA/IPA extract brwes not based on any kits. Completely different recipes for the two. One was done about two weeks ago another today. When transferring from kettle to primary I had used a sanitized paint screen bag to as a median between the two...