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    American Amber Ale American Amber Ale

    I have this amber ale recipe and want to share... O.G. 1.054 F.G. 1.009 IBU. 37.6 SRM. 14.0 8.5 lbs pale malt Maris otter 1.5 lbs. biscuit malt 1.5 lbs. crystal 60L Hops 1 oz. centennial. 60 min .5 oz liberty. 40 min 1. oz. Saphir. 5 min Fining About table spoon Irish...
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    Wyeast 2308 Munich lager yeast

    Ok so this is the second smack pack of wyeast in a row that when smacked swelled up like a balloon in 2 hrs... Umkay looks great. So a 2 L starter made and noticed a foam cap started forming 3 hrs later looks to be going well. So its spinning away for next 6 hrs and noticed that foam cap is...
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    I just found out that white labs is opening a retail store in Davis California ....... Freakin awesome in the town next door No more trying find the freshest in my LHBS. Not that they had old yeast but I can now go to the source!!!!! Woohoo!!! Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Very satisfied customer

    I had recently jumped into ag brewing and had bought a 10 gal cooler mash tun from northern brewer. I had an issue with false bottom it wouldn't sit flat in the cooler and grains were getting underneath the false bottom. So when I went batch sparge I got a lot of grain bits clogging up the...
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    Brewing an ag German Pilsner need help or guidance with water profile

    Water profile is as follows Alk. 27.1 ppm Bicarbonate. 26.8 ppm Calcium. 6.5 ppm Chloride. 6.1 ppm Hardness. 23.5 ppm Magnesium. 1.8 ppm Sodium. 4.7 ppm Sulfate. 2.1 ppm Chlorine. > 1 ppm Ph...
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    A clone for firestone walker

    Has anyone got or could help with a pivo pilz clone.... Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Has anyone ever seen this....?

    I am brewing a black IPA already dry hopped and currently cold crashing. What was observed was interesting and was wondering if anyone has seen this as well...... I noticed a suck back in the three piece bubbler...not the weird part I expected this.... What was surprising was the suck back...
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    Wheats 2124 bohemian lager yeast....

    I was wondering if this yeast strain would benefit from a low temp fermentation like 48-50 the entire time of fermentation or would it be better to do a serial temp increase of say 1-2 degree bump a week till I hit 55.. Or would it be better to keep it on the low side ...... Thanks in advance...
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    Water for extract kit on Czech Pilsner

    I'm about to start a Czech style pilsner shortly and was wondering if the water needs to have attention given to it as does all grain and the mashing process? As I have read a little bit and damn sure I need to read more on the subject but nothing about extract brewing and it's water. I live...
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    First brew.........

    My very first brew. An nut brown British ale. I made many mistakes mostly being impatient. It turned out very nice and my wife, not being a beer drinker, liked it to. Isn't always the case that the last few of the batch was at its best A few pics of the very last one....... :-( Kept a...
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    Can lagering occur after bottle conditioning

    I have a german alt in the early stages of fermentation and I'm curious about bottling and condition with sugar and then off to lager in the bottles for the 5 weeks? Or am I wishful Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    German alt with white labs Dusseldorf alt yeast

    Ok my 3rd batch and paid more attention to temps and aeration wow talk about fermentation going off like a bomb 12hrs later. Details German alt with wlp0036 I believe Dusseldorf alt yeast OG 1052 temp pitched at 75 f and held till fermentation started 7 hrs brought temp over the course of a...
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    Klosch with white labs klosch yeast

    I'm a bit confused with conflicting information mainly over fermentation temps Ok first I'm brewing klosch with white labs klosch yeast.... One the fermentation took nearly 40 hrs to start temp in my garage was in mid 50's avg of 57deg f with a high of 62 and low of 53 over night. which is...