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    Pitch 11.5 grams dry yeast into 1 gallon?

    I have been brewing 1 gallon batches for a couple months now, and I have been using packets of Safale us-05 an s-04. I have been using online pitching calculators and the calculators have recommended pitching 3 - 4 grams per batch for a medium gravity beer. I have been concerned about using the...
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    Adjusting mash Ph

    I am new to brewing, and have not yet measured the ph of the mash of my first three AG batches. Since I don't know how the malt will affect the ph of my water source, can I adjust the mash ph after the grain has been added to the strike water?
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    Gravity questions

    I am new to brewing(have only brewed three one gallon batches). I did not have the equipment to measure gravity for my first two batches. On my third, I mashed 1.6 lbs grain in 2.5 qts water. After sparging with 1 gallon, My total wort volume collected was about 1.5 gallons. I used an ATC...