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  1. Packman715

    moving hot wort

    I have changed how I cool since this happened and yes cold water and or Ice is the right thing to do (confirmed by docs). If you get a bad burn seek medical attention they have training and supplies we don't. DO IT RIGHT AFTER BURN. Don't be a tough guy like I tried to be. my scar is going to...
  2. Packman715

    Don't do that!

    don't transport hot wort in a way that can spill even 2 cups can cause a very nasty burn.
  3. Packman715

    moving hot wort

    Be careful when moving hot wort even a small splash can cause a bad burn.
  4. Packman715

    what think you of this recipe for stiegl/shandy like clone

    don't add lemon juice turned out awesome on third batch to end summer.:mug:
  5. Packman715

    what think you of this recipe for stiegl/shandy like clone

    this is for a five gal all grain batch 8 lbs base two row german malt .75 lbs dextrine .5 lbs 15L car pils 1 oz cascade hop bitter 60 min boil 4.5 % alpha 1/2 oz Centennial Hops flavor 10 min boil 9% alpha 1/2 oz Centennial Hops aroma 2 min boil 9% alpha yeast white labs california...
  6. Packman715

    old extract?

    Final gravity I think around 1.028. but don't quote me on it and the beer was good and gone.
  7. Packman715

    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    So far I have brewed under the legal limit and plan to stay there and it is I plead the 5th.
  8. Packman715

    I love puns!

    I worked with a guy named Dutch Plant everyone called him Tulip.:drunk::mug::ban: true story.:tank:
  9. Packman715

    two brew day?

    I am low on beer and need to do a double brew day. Does anyone have any tips on speeding on doing two 5 gal batches in one day?
  10. Packman715

    Nutella stout?

    Here is a pic of it with my chrismas present finally mounted on the beer fridge. Reviews from everyone were good even two people who don't like stout.
  11. Packman715

    New post a picture of your pint

    nutella stout and my christmas present mounted on the beer fridge.
  12. Packman715

    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    I plead the 5th:drunk:
  13. Packman715

    What HBT has taught me!?

    And some of us know enough abount everything to be real dangerous:mug::tank::drunk::D
  14. Packman715

    MOST kick ASS movie POLL

    Saving Private Ryan they are called the greatest generation for a reason. Too bad Band of brothers does not qualify for this poll.
  15. Packman715

    How many batches does your propane tank last?

    I am on batch 4 of this tank and by feel have one small beer left. and I all grain brew. before this last kolsch I did three high gravity beers. so in all 5 batch per 20 lb tank.
  16. Packman715

    How much do you drink?

    I am from Wisconsin. enough said.:mug:
  17. Packman715

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Thinking on a light ale.:mug:
  18. Packman715

    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    I Plead the Fifth again.:mug::tank::rockin::drunk:
  19. Packman715

    My Ugly Junk- Corona Mill Station...

    your funny:tank::drunk: