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    Fruit Beer Tune Up

    So I brewed a 5 gallon american wheat, basicallly 60/40 2-row/wheat with Mt. Hood hops to about 20 IBU. I added pureed and strained watermelon juice (3 cups after straining) just after primary fermentation was done (Wyeast 1056). Left it for a few more days, got a little more fermentation...
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    Subdued Flavors

    I'm just tasting one of my latest APA. While it is a well balanced beer, clean with good hop and malt taste, it seems that the flavors are "soft" or subdued. This is a hard thing to describe but it is definately noticeable when compared next to a commercial example. The flavors in...
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    Some Boil / Kettle questions

    I've got a few all-grain batches under my belt and have been going through my process to refine and make things a little smoother and consistent. This is the first in probably a line of questions... When boiling, are you boiling with the burner on full flame? I have a converted keg and a...
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    Converted Keg Boil Kettle - Drain Hole Location?

    I'm going to be working on converting a keg to a boil kettle. How high on the side should I drill the hole for the spigot? Are there any considerations? I was thinking too low and you may have trouble sucking out all of the crud, too high and you leave too much in the bottom? Thanks again...
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    Cooler Mash Tun Question

    I'm planning the move to AG and trying to decide what the best cooler to get for my mash tun. I do 5 gallon batches, mostly in the 1.050 - 1.060 range but will do some higher gravity brews. So, I think a round 5 gallon is probably too small (or I don't necessarily want to be limited or buy a...
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    Re-Bending a Copper Wort Chiller

    I was able to obtain a standard immersion chiller from a dude that was getting rid of his old stuff for a very decent price. Seeing the price of copper these days I jumped on it because it was a pretty good deal. It is about 25' of the 3/8 copper tubing just like you'd find anywhere The...
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    How Powerful a Burner

    A quick question as someone looking to do full boils with an eye toward all grain in the future... How many BTUs will it take to get an adequate boil for 5 gal batches? Many of the "turkey fryer" setups seem to be between 50,000 - 60,000 BTUs. Is this enough? I know I've seen some more...