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  1. Britinusa

    New bar

    This is the start of my English pub
  2. Britinusa

    Pumping from a mash tun

    Now I have a "proper" home brewery set up in the garage I was thinking about my pump set up, do any of you pump directly from you mash tun? Does it cause issue with running the pump dry? Or do you adjust the out flow to compensate? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  3. Britinusa

    Getting back to brewing

    It has been a very tough 8 weeks since my wife passed away and I am ready to start brewing again, right now its mostly to keep my busy. I did some work on installing the pump she bought me for christmas, lots of plumbing with copper pipe and valves etc. I think my "first" brew should be named...
  4. Britinusa

    My wife passed away

    My wife passed away on Monday, I am taking a short break from brewing, but its going to be pretty theraputic for me so im planning on not being too long away. Im just trying to keep my self busy right now and take care of our 6 year old son.
  5. Britinusa

    My first cheese!

    Last night I made my first cheese, its a Cheddar that is now sitting in the refrigerator downstairs, it has already formed a nice dry outer coating so im going to wax it this week. I was expecting it to be harder than it was, it is a lot of waiting for things to happen, like curds to form etc...
  6. Britinusa

    Tasting score sheet

    I have just started doing a tasting score sheet of every new recipe I make, as a way to try to learn the flavors and aromas, it seems to help having a list of flavors and aromas that I dont notice till i look over the list. How many other people do this?
  7. Britinusa

    Stir plate = Huge difference

    I made a starter with my stir plate last night and WOW what a difference in the amount of yeast produced compared to the "Shake when you go by" method I have 4 times the yeast I started with! What im doing is buying a vial of yeast then growing it to produce more vials, then ill use one of...
  8. Britinusa

    Fast fermentation?

    I pitched yeast in my ale on Sunday, my OG was 1.055 today my reading is 1.010, i was concerned because i didn't see any activity in the fermenter. Can fermentation have happened without showing any signs? I have never seen this before.
  9. Britinusa

    New recipe

    After tasting a Red Ale a whole ago that had an aftertaste of chocolate I decided to create my own. Here is my recipe: 8 lb American - Pale 2-Row 37 1.8 68.1% 1.5 lb Belgian - Caramel Pils 34 8 12.8% 1 lb American - Caramel / Crystal 80L 33 80 8.5% 0.5 lb American - Carapils (Dextrine Malt)...
  10. Britinusa

    Recipe formulation

    Hi all, I have been making my own recipes for a month or so and I tend to use whole pounds or 1/4 1/2 pounds of grains, how do you decide how much of each grain to use? I use brewers friend recipe builder to get the style im looking for, as far as the color goes.
  11. Britinusa

    Holiday spiced ale

    I am going to try a holiday spiced ale for the first time, here is my recipe. Brew Method: All Grain Style Name: Holiday/Winter Special Spiced Beer Boil Time: 60 min Batch Size: 5.5 gallons (fermentor volume) Boil Size: 7.5 gallons Boil Gravity: 1.040 Efficiency: 75% (brew house)...
  12. Britinusa

    Poor crush from Northern Brewer

    I noticed last weekend that the grain from Northern Brewer is only partially crushed, 1/2 the grain isnt even crushed. My wife bought me a mill for my birthday so I ran it through the mill, should start to get better beers now.
  13. Britinusa

    Belgian Dubbel

    I brewed a Belgian Dubbel from Northern Brewer about 8 weeks ago, I kegged it 3 weeks ago, Tested it today and it tastes horrible, really bad candy is the best i can do to describe the taste, does it improve with age? I hope so as its undrinkable like it is.
  14. Britinusa

    new kegerator

    After following some threads on here, I decided to build mine, I bought a new freezer and built a collar, very basic right now but I plan to surround it in wood trim later so I can hide the freezer.
  15. Britinusa

    Kegerator replace top?

    Instead of drilling my freezer lid im thinking of building a wooden lid and drilling that for my towers, anybody done this?
  16. Britinusa

    Cider has a slight vinegar after tatse

    Im not sure if I can save it, I bought pasteurized apple juice and used a champagne yeast, its about 6 weeks old now and has a slight vinegar after taste. Will this lessen with time or is it turning to vinegar?
  17. Britinusa

    Fermentation done 2.1% abv?

    I brewed a Northern brewer all grain kit, Irish red ale 2 weeks ago, the original gravity was 1.048 I checked it on 4/4/13 and it was 1.031, today I checked and its still 1.031 thats only 2.2%abv. I worked out I should have a final gravity of 1.011 Has fermentation stalled? Do I need to re...
  18. Britinusa

    Simple electric boiling question

    I have been reading threads on electric brewing and I want to set up an electric kettle I will be setting uo in the laundry room so I can unplug the dryer and use that outlet. I did want a very basic box that i can set up the temp and use the kettle for mash, sparge and boiling. I dont want to...
  19. Britinusa

    wort cooling system

    i have a pump that will connect to my wort chiller, my plan is to fill a bucket with ice water then immerse my pump and connect it to the wort chiller and have it recycle back to the bucket, i expect to need to top up with more ice as the warm returning water melts it. Anyone see any potential...
  20. Britinusa

    Cheaper to buy kits

    I was doing some research on prices today and to my surprise its cheaper to buy a 5 gallon kit than to buy the grains separately, ($8.00 cheaper) its also cheaper for me to buy the kit online and pay shipping than to go to my local HBS. Total opposite of my expectations. I guess if I was...