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    Storing rhizomes?

    Back in January I ordered some rhizomes from Adventures in Homebrewing, choosing them because they advertised the earliest ship date (sometime in february), but long story short, they arrived today. In the 3 months that they took to get here, I have decided to move from Alabama to Georgia for...
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    Coffee Beers

    As a homebrewer and coffee professional (roastery and cafe) I can say with certainty that Beer and Coffee are the two most important drinks in my life, and I love exploring the intersection of the two. In conversations with other folks, we've wondered about what kinds of coffee would do best...
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    Sankey Keg to Corny Kegs

    Hey guys, I've got what's probably a simple question but can't really figure it out. I work in a coffee shop that has a 6 tap set up, all set up for commercial Sankey kegs that our distributor brings in. We've got a tap that's dedicated to our cold brew that we've got on tap. Right now we're...
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    Mailing Beer

    Question with some backstory: I have a friend who is currently thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. As most do, he checks for mail at various post offices along the trail, where they'll hold packages for thru-hikers. I want to send him a package with stuff he needs (food mostly) but but maybe a...
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    Time between steeping and boil?

    I'm doing an extract wheat brew, and 5 minutes left in the boil a friend calls me because he's liked out of his house and I have a key. Is there any harm in finishing the steep and leaving the wort for 20 minutes while I go to his house? When I get back I'll bring it to a boil and start from...
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    Can You use a bucket for dryhopping?

    I'm looking into a recipe right now that requires dry-hopping, but I don't own a carboy. Of everything I've read here, I always see secondaries as carboys but I can't really justify buying a carboy right now. Is there anything special about carboys that make them necessary, or could I do it in...
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    Could the caps make a difference in carbonation?

    Hi all. Since Friday I've tried about 6 bottles of my 2nd beer, a Karl's 90 schilling from northern Brewing. It's not very carbonated, despite 3 weeks conditioning. I know that time will help to solve that, but have another question. Could the caps prevent full carbing? I have noticed with every...
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    Spilt Airlock into Bucket

    Hi all, About a week ago, I bottled my second batch. When I took the lid off the fermentation bucket, I made the mistake of turning it upside down and the water that was in the airlock found its way into the beer. I finished up the bottling and did everything else as normal. I've been thinking...
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    Yeast Starter - Necessary?

    Hey everyone, I've been reading this forum for about a month now and they have been a big help to me for me to figure out things that I wouldn't have thought of or hadn't heard previously. I've brewed two batches, having started in August with an Extract IPA kit from Best Beer. I really had no...