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    Ooops! Dropped o-ring in keg

    Are you guys CERTAIN there is NO problem??? I ask because I was told the same thing when the lid O-ring dropped into my 8% ABV Belgian Cherry Triple LAST spring (March). It has been aging in the keg with the beer until today. (it's one of the black ones) I am concerned as to whether the...
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    Pumpkin: Weyerbacher or Schlafly?

    I've never had Schlafly, but I like Weyerbacher and I think the Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin is really good. Of these two and Southern Tier's, I think they are 3 completely different beers. The only thing they have in common is pumpkin pie spices. As an aside on Southern Tier's Pumking, I had the...
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    Beer suicide

    OH... AND LETS BE CLEAR.... This was NO SUICIDE!!! You MURDERED the beer!!!!!!
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    Beer suicide

    Yeah, but... "nothing that can hurt you can live in beer"!! Don't worry "the alcohol will sanitize it"!! :D :cross: Seriously though, that sucks. **** happens... "no sense crying over spilled milk"... oh wait... that was beer!!! Time to have a meltdown!!!!!! I would brew a wheat beer, and...
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    Pumkin ale no pumpkin?

    Like Daskin said, you'd be shocked how many "pumpkin ales" have NO pumpkin. It is a delicate flavor, and I would presume most would be lost to the fermentation process. I would guess the best bet for using real pumpkin would be to secondary on it. That's what I did with a Pumpkin Wheat & a...
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    I've used as much as 7oz for some styles. Never blown a bottle. I'd guess your bottles had week spots, perhaps hairline cracks you didn't see, or are just weak bottles. It's also very possible the priming solution was not well mixed in and some were actually primed higher than others. I HAVE had...
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    Forgot to dump in all of the priming solution ... what to do?

    I usually use 5oz (by weight) for 5 gal. I don't know how that converts to volume (2/3 cup)... It will most likely be undercarbed, but have some fizz. By opening your bottles, pouring them in the bucket & redoing, I think you'll risk worse issues. You'll likely oxidize the beer, which I think...
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    Spiced Pumpkin Porter

    Just my opinion... The "whole mess" goes in my primary... "pumpkin guts & all"... (actually not true, in my case, the "pumpkin guts" go in the secondary). But you could put it in the primary, in my experience you get less of the flavor. It will settle out like the yeast & you rack the beer...
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    Polish Forest Fruit Ale

    YOU ARE THE FIRST!!!!!!!!! :mug: I have no clue whether it's actually true.... BUT, you were pleading to be told! So... you done been told!! :D
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    A Belgian Cherry Kriek with no flavour and almost no carbonation

    In MY experience... When you add a fruit (puree or whatever) to the PRIMARY with the wort, the fruit flavor will be VERY subtle. I describe it as a "spirit", because it mostly ferments out and just leaves a faint background of the fruit flavor. If I want the fruit (or whatever) flavor to be...
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    Experimental Beers

    I'm not totally sure where your coming from or going to... At first it seems you wish people experimented more, then it seems you'd rather they just brew a good basic beer. Anyway, my opinion, like many others on this site seem to share... brewing is making a "food", so like cooking, or...
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    Anybody use bottled water instead of boiling the additional 2 gallons when brewing?

    Our tap water pretty much sucks.... and VERY hard. We use bottled water all the time. I will say this: Make sure you are actually getting a full gallon!! (or KNOW what you are getting in the bottle so you have enough) The Deer Park "gallons" are NOT a gallon! I like the Culligan suggestion...
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    Kegorator Cleaning

    Your probably OK. Then again, beer line is cheap. (it can be a pain to connect in a multi tap tower, but certainly doable) I had a similar situation happen years ago, not log after I had gotten my keggerator. I just replaced the lines. I figured a few bucks (less than $10) and a few minutes (no...
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    What's the difference between a Porter and a Stout?

    Pretty much my opinion as well. I wouldn't disagree if someone were to say a Stout is a "more extreme" porter, (in one direction or another). Porters (generally) seem to be more "moderate" and balanced in their taste. (Most) stouts seem to be more bitter, probably from increased amounts...
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    Has anyone ever bought a commercial beer this this much yeast?

    Interesting... I had a bottle of Bell's Amber Ale Friday evening that looked JUST like that! The previous 5 were not like that. It tasted OK... It was the last bottle from a variety pack case purchased in (maybe??) February. I thought maybe it was something I did, but it sat with all my...
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    Kegerator not cold enough

    My GUESS would be thermostat.
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    Christmas Presents 2012

    You need my address??
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    Help! Cleaning Faucet

    You could try an open end wrench, (not adjustable) depending on the wrench, it might fit. I just use a large strait blade screw driver to jamb it, it's not like it needs to be super tight.