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  1. Paulielow

    whats floating on my apfelwein

    I made some apfelwein a while back and when I bottled it up I made up a 5L batch of spiced apfelwein using bayleaves, peppercorns, coriander seeds, cinnamon quill and cloves. I think the floating white bits are the coriander seeds but I'm not sure, also im not sure what the oily residue on the...
  2. Paulielow

    kolsch but not quite...

    I'm thinking of puting down a batch using t-58 I want a nice light refreshing slightly fruity ale, kind of like a kolsch but obviously it won't be the same. Is this too much hops? 25L batch 1.5kg tin TC light LME 1kg extra light DME 500g dextrose 40g saaz 4%@60 20g hallertau 3%@30...
  3. Paulielow

    what's the best hot sauce?

    In OZ we can get the usual hot sauces, cholula, tabasco, periperi. But we don't have any good American style vinegary, buttery hot sauce. So give me a list of your favourites and if theres a website I can order them from so I can try them... Cheers
  4. Paulielow

    whats on your pizza?

    Alright I'm having morrocan lamb with baby spinach, caramelised onion, hummus and minted yoghurt.... Ow yer
  5. Paulielow

    priming apfelwein with concentrate

    Howdy all, I have an apfelwein about 5 weeks into fermentation and am thinking of trying to back sweeten with 400g of lactose and prime with a 250ml bottle of all natural Apple juice concentrate. Has anyone primed cider or wine with Apple juice concentrate? And what was the result I don't want...
  6. Paulielow

    anyone poisoned themselves?

    I made a cider in its original plastic bottle about a month ago with juice, sultanas, brown sugar and bakers yeast. I didn't really intend to drink it as the airlock wasn't secure and I saw no bubbles so I assume there was an air leak and it smells like appley bread. But I'm just wondering if I...
  7. Paulielow

    imperial chrisrmas stout

    I want to make an imperial stout for next Christmas so it will have plenty of time to age but just want to double check my ingrediants as i'll be doing a toucan extract kit. 1 coopers stout can 1 coopers dark ale can 2kg light dme 500g corn syrup(for viscosity) 1 sachet us-05(cause...
  8. Paulielow

    who wants a sandwich

    Ok people who wants a sandwich and what's on it? I'm thinking either pulled pork with coleslaw or a BLT with avocado and homemade aioli..... Whose next?
  9. Paulielow

    my first wine

    Ok so I've brewed three beers now and was going to try my hand at making cider but somehow I ended up making blueberry wine instead anyways here's my recipe and method, please critic as much as you like. 6.5kg blueberries (bout fresh then frozen) 4kg white sugar 1 tsp grape tannin 1 tbsp acid...
  10. Paulielow

    aussie golden old

    well its time for my third brew, this is what ive put toghether. 1 tin morgans australian old 300g dry light malt extract 200g dry dark malt extract 500g dextrose 850g golden syrup 7g coopers stout yeast 5g morgans old yeast 18L water og is 1.062 and ive made my first attempt at a...
  11. Paulielow

    my first stout

    Ok I've done some reading and this is what I've come up with any and all Helpful Comments are welcome. 1 tin coopers stout 1kg dry dark malt extract 1kg brown sugar 5g Yeast from tin(is this enough) 20L water Not sure if I should add 200g lactose for thickness or if there's anything...
  12. Paulielow

    newbie after some input

    Hey all, my first brew is a tooheys special draught tin With 1kg malted dextrose, 200g honey and the tin yeast sachet With 22L water everything was bubbling away nicely followed the directios To a T, but I moved it yesterday and had suck back from the airlock now no more bubbles in the...