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  1. Ridenour64

    Chlorine or chloramine

    Hey guys, I am in the works of ordering an RO system and I need to find out if my water contains chlorine or chloramine. Are you able to tell me the answer to that with this photo of which I believe is the water quality report for my tap. I know it says chlorine on one of the columns, but this...
  2. Ridenour64

    Stout -> dark fruit

    I bought a “Bell’s Third Coast Old Ale”before because I’ve always been interested in making a barley wine. Wanted to try a commercial example. I hated it (still drank it all). It had this dark fruit character to it that I just couldn’t get past. I’ve always raved about “Old Rasputin” RIS. Have...
  3. Ridenour64

    Considering a pump

    Hey guys, I have been considering purchasing a brew pump. Specifically the Blichman Riptide. My goals with the pump in descending order: 1. Increased chill time / ability to whirlpool (I use a jaded hydra) 2. CIP for my spike kettle using the spike low pressure ball - if I could avoid moving...
  4. Ridenour64

    For Sale Ice master 100 glycol

    Thinking about selling my glycol chiller and simplifying. $700 would include the chiller and glycol only. No pump or controller. This was just purchased April 2021. Pickup only.
  5. Ridenour64

    For Sale Hop filter

    $50. Local pickup only. Lake county Ohio. 18” tall from arbor fab.
  6. Ridenour64

    15 Gallon Spike TC kettle $300

    Only want to sell so I can upgrade to a larger kettle. Kettle only, no fittings. Firm on price. Won’t ship. Northeast OH.
  7. Ridenour64

    Crazy starter

    So this is a 2 liter starter in a 5 liter flask. Yeast = Sundew, which I’m super exited for. Definitely smells strongly of fruit and tastes like fruit out of the package. Anyways, I made the starter at night and the next morning there was a decent Krausen - maybe an inch or so. I always swirl a...
  8. Ridenour64

    Pump recommendation for glycol chiller

    Hey guys, I just purchased a glycol chiller. The ice master 100. I am looking for recommendations for a pump to use now. I believe the barbs on the ice master are 3/8”. I am fermenting in a 15 gallon torpedo keg and plan to use the 1.5” ID blue discharge hose wrapped around the outside for...
  9. Ridenour64

    20 lb CO2 tank - full

    $100 Local pickup only. northeast Ohio
  10. Ridenour64

    Glycol chiller on 15 gallon keg

    Hey guys, I switched to fermenting 10 gallon batches in a 15 gallon torpedo keg. What I have been doing is chilling as low as I can post boil, transferring to keg, then with the help of my fiancé, lifting the keg up, and into my kegerator. This is not ideal. I am considering buying a glycol...
  11. Ridenour64

    Help me clear my malt inventory.

    Hey guys. I just upped the size of my fermenter so I have the ability to brew 10 gallon batches now. I have malt that has been sitting around for a while. I’ll make a short list of what I have below. My goal is to make a 10 gallon batch utilizing as much of this malt as I can, while making a...
  12. Ridenour64

    DIY Glycol setup

    Anyone interested in this? I’ll Seperate items accordingly Everything: $110 (below + wood stand on casters) AC, cooler, 620 GPH pond pump: $50 AC, cooler, 620 GPH pond pump and Ink bird controller: $75 Eastlake, Ohio.
  13. Ridenour64

    Recommendations for FV

    I just sold my SS Brewtech Unitank today. I was looking to simplify my brew days and bring more ease to my process. The unitank was great, but that’s a ton of parts to clean every brew day, and also my DIY glycol was a pain in the butt. With that being said, I’m on the lookout for a new FV...
  14. Ridenour64

    SS Brewtech Unitank

    Anyone interested in a 7 gallon SS Brewtech Unitank. $700. Firm on price or would trade up for a 14 gallon SS Brewtech Uni. Love the tank but I’m looking to do bigger batches. Not interested in shipping. Near Cleveland Ohio.
  15. Ridenour64

    High attenuation

    Hey guys. Made a Dortmunder a few weeks back. 12 lb Pilsner 1.5 lb Munich 6.5 gallons to the fermenter I mashed at 149, but I BIAB - no recirculating - I don’t even cover so I surely lost several degrees. OG 1.056 FG 1.006 Yeast: WLP830 Brewfather estimated 1.012 as a FG. 1.006 is 88.8...
  16. Ridenour64

    CIP with air compressor?

    I have always thought about how it would be nice to be able to CIP my unitank. I don’t own a home brew pump though, and from I’ve read, most home brew pumps don’t cut it anyways. To clean my draft lines, I fill a keg with hot water, oxy clean and maybe some TSP. I then use a pancake air...
  17. Ridenour64

    Sign of watering too much?

    Hey guys, first year hop grower. The photos are examples of leafs that appear on several on my hop plants. Is this a sign that I’m watering too much? Should I cut these leafs off? If I do, and I cut back on watering, the plant should be ok I imagine?
  18. Ridenour64

    Ohio Perlick 630 SS

    Would anyone be interested in this at $40 shipped? I bought this, never got around to using it and now I’ve decided that I want to buy another flow control model. Shipping would be standard mail. Could upgrade at your expense. New, out of original packaging, has never had beer run through it.
  19. Ridenour64

    Hops on chain link fence

    Hey everyone. I’m planning on growing hops this year. I’m a relatively new brewer, and this would be my first swing at growing hops too. I live in an area where a tall trellis is out of the question. I live in a small corner lot with sidewalks and a good portion of the yard has a chainlink...
  20. Ridenour64

    SS unitank 7 gal chiller coil

    Does anyone have a 7 gallon SS unitank and not use their chiller coil? I am looking for one but unfortunately they don’t sell them separately.