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    I think i got it!!

    So I am new to kegging, and I have always been told different numbers to set my serving pressure at, but after doing a lot of reading I think I found it out but I want to check with everyone and see what they think. So if have 5.3 ft of 3/16 serving line and a desired output pressure is 2.48...
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    What is the correct size

    If using 3/16 tubing what is the ideal pressure and length I want my hose for serving out of a keg? New to it.
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    How bad did I screw this up

    So long story short I tried AIH blue moon clone...never doing some of the steps it called for I think well I know I messed up, and now I am asking do I save it, because it might still be good or do I start all over. My OG called for 1.052 and final of 1.011 at 5.6%, but I just put it in primary...
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    Where did I go wrong

    So I know there are tons of forms about there about this, but I feel mine is a little different. Long story short. So I made a fat tire clone, moved over to my keg set it at 10psi for two days at 36f. I got the thinking, and said I want it sooner so I set it at 30PSI for three days hitting it...
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    OK what did I do?

    So I over carbonated my beer, and I read some form about hooking my gas in the out post and trying to force out the co. Well I didn't read where it said do it very slowly and only for a second. So now with no gas or any lines at all hooked up when I pull the pressure relief valve on the top all...
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    Kegging questions

    So new to kegging. My beer is about ready to keg, but didn't know if I add my priming sugar to it or not? Also when I force carbonate do I do it at room temp or cold, and how long at what psi?
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    Need help reading this

    So I am new to home brewing, and trying to make sure all my readings are correct can someone please read this for me and tell me what the hell it says lol. The final alcohol content should be like 4.5%. I took this after I added the sugar and starting bottling. Not sure when your suppose to take...
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    So what do you think

    So this is my second batch of beer. The 1st one on the left is the 1st batch on right is second. Trying to figure out why they look and taste different. 1st one I just sprinkled the yeast on and added the sugar in the bottling bucket. 2nd patch I added yeast but then I stirred it in and before...
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    What do I do from here?

    So I made a holiday ale brew two days ago. Went to work came home this morning and this is what I found. so I guess I should have put a blow off tube. Now my question is can take off my airlock and clean it out and put it back on or should I leave it as is? As always be safe and have a good day...
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    If I forgot

    I forgot my beer needed to be bottled last saturday. Will it hurt if I wait to do it tomorrow? it's a amber ale its a clone of fat tire
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    Hudepohl Amber Ale

    Does anyone know where I can find the recipe for Hudepohl Amber Ale? I have looked all over for it, and I am not able to find it. If someone could please help me out by posting a link or post the recipe please.
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    Sugar on the bottom?

    Question for you guys. I added my sugar, and bottled about two weeks ago. Beer should be ready for drinking on the 12th. So I look at the bottom of some of the bottles today, and it looks like there might be a little sugar if I had to guess on bottom of all of my bottles. Is this normal? Will it...
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    So should I be worried?

    Now that's it's been since Saturday morning that I've started the fermenting process. How often should I see something happening in my airlock? Temp is readying about 68 deg. I was watching it maybe 5 min last night, and didn't see anything going on with it. There is a little condensation at the...
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    So let's hope I did this right

    Hey everyone. First time brewer here. Started last night, and after a long time waiting for it to cool I have now added it to the fermenter. I do how ever have a few question about a few things I did. So after my boil I needed to add 2 gallons of water to bring it up to 5 gallons, and I did so...