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  1. K

    Rootbeer beginners.

    Do a search for pumpkin soda in the soda forum. I made one that was tasty. Kevin
  2. K

    Sca brewer looking for period wine

    What time period and country?
  3. K

    Almond Wine

    Did you have any issues with the oil from the almonds? Kevin
  4. K

    Pumpkin Soda

    Interesting. I'm glad you liked it. I may try making it into a wine at a later day. Kevin
  5. K

    My yeast seem to love coffee

    Is there such a thing and would that be bad in a coffee wine?! LOL. I may add lactose sugar and make it a cafe con leche. Kevin
  6. K

    Old Western Wine?

    I believe cider was very popular in the US around that time (depending on your cowboy period). Ciders popularity started to fall in the early 1900s. Kevin
  7. K

    My yeast seem to love coffee

    I used the Jack Kellers recipe with a flavored coffee. I plan on throwing in a handful of coffee or espresso beans into the secondary. Kevin
  8. K

    My yeast seem to love coffee

    I started a coffee wine and the yeast seemed to be rocking more than normal. Has anyone noticed this before or are my yeast just pulling college all night study sessions? They seem to love coffee. Kevin
  9. K

    Can You Use Fresh Fruit to Make Soda Pop?

    Not sure what caulk tastes like (I only remember what glue tastes like from kindergarten :-) ). Was the water you started with high in calcium carbonate? Did you practice good sanitation? Strawberry and lemons do not ferment very well and that is what you may be tasting. They really dull...
  10. K

    Can You Use Fresh Fruit to Make Soda Pop?

    I have made several gallons of soda with fresh or frozen fruit. Soda is easy and does not need instructions. Dump lots of fruit into some water. Bring to near boil. Add sugar to taste (probably just a little sweeter than you like). Lower temp in ice bath. Add yeast. Put in plastic...
  11. K

    How many gallons of Brandon O's Graff have been made?

    1151 + 5 = 1156 Mine was Cherry Graff
  12. K

    Adding Sugar Later

    How are determining refermintation? A hydrometer or if bubbles appear? Thanks Kevin
  13. K

    Adding Sugar Later

    How long do you wait to bottle after sweeting (ie to prevent bottle bombs)? Thanks Kevin
  14. K

    Aged 6 Months Cider ready to bottle

    I am ready to bottle my cherry apple wine that has aged about 6 months. It is completely clear and tastes pretty good. It is about 12-14 %. I used E1118 yeast. Only very tiny bubbles come up the sides once in a while (I assume dissolved CO2). The airlock is completely still. I have a few...
  15. K

    Adding Sugar Later

    I have a cider that has aged 6 months. It is a bit dry. If I add Sorbistat-k and Potassium Metabisulfite can I back sweeten with something other than artificial sweeteners (ie juice, table sugar, etc)? I do not want to use artificial sweeteners because they all taste bad. How long do I need...
  16. K

    Bone Dry

    I have some bone dry 3 month aged cider. I plan on aging it much longer probably 6 months or so. How can I back sweeten it? I do not want it very sweet but it needs to have some sweetness. I do not like artificial sweeteners. They just taste like chemicals to me and they do not age well? I...
  17. K


    I did some racking last night and had the same issue. I spray some of the wine preservative on top to blanket the wine co2 gas plus argon, etc). I think that might work. What do others think? I've also used sterilized marbles but I realzly do no like that idea. I think it introduced...
  18. K

    @#$% Fruit!! How to get out?

    I had the "joy" of racking off 6 lbs of cherry I added to my secondary carboy. My gosh how could I have made this easier. It was a nightmare. I am not sure I could have placed the fruit into a ferment bag because it would not have fit in the carboy. I could have placed in a ferment bucket...
  19. K

    Honey - How much to add?

    Honey - How much to add? I just got some great Orange Blossom honey that I want to make a traditional mead from. How much honey (in gallons or pounds) would you add to a 5 gallon carboy to make a dry, medium or sweet mead? I will be using D-47 yeast. Thanks Kevin
  20. K

    Floating Cherries

    How long should you leave cherries floating in the secondary? I have some in my apple wine right now. Kevin