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    3 Tier Gravity Feed Wood Stand - Flammability Concerns?

    Been using this setup for 8 years now. It's just some 2x4s, 1/4 in plywood, and some deck screws. Never had ANY issues with the wood getting anything more than warm and never too hot to touch. It will warm up your beer if you put it too close, however.
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    Question about Taprite LHT valves

    I was never able to find anything to replace just the barb on the valve. I had to buy whole new valves to put on the reg that came with the flare fitting. Even the flare fittings I were to take off other parts I had wouldnt fit on the taprite hose barb valves. Oh well..
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    [Feeler] Any Interest in Digital Tap Lists?

    I haven't forgotten about this. Been watching every day. RPi is in the mail, flow meters on their way. Hell, I even have an arduino now to practice this developing tomfoolery you all are so clearly amazing at. This thread has inspired me to get poking around in this realm of yours and think...
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    [Feeler] Any Interest in Digital Tap Lists?

    Did you offer the guy on ebay $20? He's not getting back to me on my offer.
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    [Feeler] Any Interest in Digital Tap Lists?

    Been looking into it (and I'm not sure if this gets a bit off topic from your list project) but it looks like the arduino "mega" should be able to handle up to six taps. This is pretty far over my head, however and I wouldn't know really how to implement it. Just to add some fodder to your...
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    [Feeler] Any Interest in Digital Tap Lists?

    Man, I've had my eye on something like KegBot for a while now but cant pull the trigger because it only supports 2 taps (of which I have 3). If it were possible to use a RPi with some flow meters and an RFID capability (or not) I'd be seriously interested!
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    Accidentally made my 15gal pot into a 28gal pot.

    I figure it should. I'm using a standard 60,000 BTU turkey burner. Obviously it will take a bit longer to achieve the rolling boil but I'll let you know on monday ;) It was $110 for the stainless steel and the work it took to roll to size and crimp the top. They quoted me 1.5-2.0 hrs for...
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    Yeast starter from finished beer

    Alright, due to an oversight on my part, I will not be able to obtain the yeast I want (white labs 001) for when I brew on Monday (Canadian long weekend). My plan is to take 600ml of my IPA I just kegged (4 weeks since pitching 001) and add it to 1.4 L of DME wort in my starter flask. I'm...
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    Accidentally made my 15gal pot into a 28gal pot.

    Haha, I know! But it cost $45 a year ago and the piezo ignitor still works!
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    Accidentally made my 15gal pot into a 28gal pot.

    Ok, maybe it wasn't an accident but that's my story I'm sticking to it! I've always been brewing with a Morebeer 15 gallon pot as my boiler and it has served me very well over the years. That is, until I got a 27 gallon fermenter. My friends are starting to take more and more interest in...
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    Question about Taprite LHT valves

    Recieved the reg and to finish off this thread, the Tapright reg has LHT on the HIGH pressure ports (line in from tank and HP gauge) but RHT for the LOW pressure ports (LP guage and valve line out). That is all.
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    Tri-clover will not seal!

    Yikes, am I ever late replying to this... Anyway, the thing is fantastic! Highly recommended. Morebeer has awesome customer support too and I'm sure the leak was an anomaly. I've got mine in an upright fridge with one of the temp controllers off ebay.
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    Question about Taprite LHT valves

    Oh, I had a typo up there. I meant to say I use the flare fittings on everything which is why I want to change the stock hose barbs that come on the reg but can't find anything LHT.
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    Question about Taprite LHT valves

    Do the hose barbs come off those valves? They look like they would. I haven't been able to find left hand threaded 1/4 inch MPT valves with the MFL thread instead of the damn hose barb!
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    Question about Taprite LHT valves

    Hello, I've been meaning to pick up one of these dual regs by Taprite. My problem is I use MPT threads on all my lines for ease of disconnecting, moving the tank around, etc. I would just buy the right valves but apparently they are left hand thread. According to the above site, they...
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    Losing beer from hop trub after boil

    Is this something that I just need to accept? I brew all grain, 10gal batches with pellet hops and irish moss at 15 min. I whirlpool and whirlpool and have never gotten this mound of trub in the centre. Don't get me wrong, that trub settles out to make wort clearer than I can get a finished...
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    Four Kegs One Tap

    Dude, this is going to be amazing. Awaiting updates.
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    multiple batch question

    Sounds like a good idea, actually.
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    Boiled tap water vs bottled

    For my city water I use a Rainfresh undersink charcoal filter (not unlike this one) and it takes all the chlorine taste out of it.