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  1. jmichalicek

    Unibrau 120v ETC controller wiring questions

    I'm in a bit of a bind with my Unibrau 10g 120v system at the moment. Power to the pump works, power to the heating element works in boil mode, but the display does not come on and in mash mode there's no power to the element. If anyone has this system with the ETC controller, could you please...
  2. jmichalicek

    Received a bunch of yeast and hops as a gift - help me pick some good uses

    I received an awesome gift the other day, but now I need to figure out the best usage of it and plan a few brews. I am a fan of darker yeast and malt forward beers, less so of hop forward beers in most cases. I brew a lot of porters, stouts, brown ales and particularly london brown ales...
  3. jmichalicek

    Baltic Porter Recipe - Tips/Suggestions

    So I have been wanting to brew a baltic porter with a bit of a twist and basing some of the flavors on a favorite Russian Black Bread recipe which uses Rye, fennel, cocoa powder, coffee powder, and dark molasses. I also really like Komes Baltic Porter which is heavy on the anise/licorice flavor...
  4. jmichalicek

    First Brew Day Done - Now My Newbie Questions

    So, knowing that I'm super hands on (moreso than average) I decided to take the somewhat risky approach of actually completing a brew day and then asking questions after I see what went wrong, what I want clarified, etc. I apologize for each question basically being a short novel to read. I...