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  1. cjones

    Moving to Tyler TX

    I am moving to Tyler TX end of this week, wondering if any other home brewers in the area would like to meet up for a beer sometime, or brew-day? Also if anybody has info on local homebrew shops, breweries, places that fill co2 tanks. Thanks
  2. cjones

    1/2bbl brew stand for sale

    taken off market
  3. cjones

    This Saturday...What are you doing?

    This Saturday is National Learn to Homebrew day - according to Brewers Association... So I am brewing with @mesooohoopy and we are inviting all...I Live in Sacramento, Ca - pm if you would line to Join. (free homebrew while it last and possible smoked brats for lunch!!!) If you are brewing this...
  4. cjones

    Bad day for new york!

    Giants, Jets, and now the Mets....And I thought my day was bad.
  5. cjones

    Sacramento Area?

    any home brewers in the sacramento area, just moved to the area? would anybody be up for some beers and a brew day, I am brewing a 1/2 bbl next Saturday, if interested in stopping by for a beer and make a new friend hit me up.
  6. cjones

    What’s on your Christmas List (not Dream list) this year?

    Two Fermenting Brew Buckets from SS Technologies Two Elemental Bru’ Burner from Northern brewer. 2 more per lick faucets. Thats mine!