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  1. J

    Is Kolsch yeast slow?

    I used this yeast in a Kolsch I am making right now: The 1 liter starter took 6 days to ferment out, where I usually do 2 day starters for ales. My brew bucket has been sitting at 55F for 6 days and might have the slightest...
  2. J

    Vitamin C IPA

    OK, this my first recipe that I am willing to call a success. I was going for an American style IPA with a big citrus note, and I think I found it. I still have some hop tweaking to do, but I really like this result. Next time I'll probably add a bit more Amarillo since I like it so much...
  3. J

    Apfelwein question

    I found 3 gallons of fresh juice, but can I add 2 gallons (with preservatives) to make up the difference? Will the preservatives just kill the yeast? I'll drive to find more if I have to, but I have 2 gallons or regular stuff in my pantry. Thanks.