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    Braggot from 1.110 to 1.000 or so in 14 days. (SNA).

    I had made a Belgium blonde strong ale, and knew I could get around 4 gallons of light wort at around 1.015 or so after I got my volume for pale ale. Added just a touch of Amarillo hops at 60, 30, and 5 minutes, started to cool, added 12 lbs or so of clover honey,, racked onto a healthy washed...
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    Suggestions for a Greek Ruins drink?

    With all going on in Greece, I have had an itch to do a brew that I can title "Greek Ruins". Just something to mark and remember, the time and the problems they are going through. Unfortunately distilling is out of the question so no Ouzo, etc. I have never been to Greece, so I really don't...
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    Bottling glue for labels.

    Short question: What mix works for a long time on standard paper? Long question: I just opened a sampler of mead that the label fell off of long ago, it taste great but I have no way to link it back to the brew. While I'm the first to admit I hate bottling, sometimes you got got to do it...
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    Boss, Boss, - The Foam, the foam.

    For some reason up until now I have have always had just a little foam doing my 24 hour SNA. Tonight was my first experience with "The Foam". Doing my initial de-gassing I got a little, after adding the FermK and DAP, I got a little foam, then it just started to grow, and grow. I have heard...
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    Cleaning the chest freezer kegerator.

    What a pain. I saw a good amount of ice building up on the inside of my keggerator (converted ice chest), and also noticed a slight increase in my kilowatt per hour usage. Most likely not due to my keggerator but hey, it was time to do some cleaning. So last night I unplugged it, left it open...
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    Selection Argentine Malbec - Should I try it?

    I have made wine way back in pre-recorded history, but soon realized that I could usually buy better wine than I could make and stuck with brewing beer, ciders, and meads. But I saw Selection Argentine Malbec on sale at Austin Homebrew, and I have to admit, a good Argentine Malbec is hard to...
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    Using Safale # US-05

    I have a number of meads using different yeast that have gone to the uber-dry level and are currently ageing possibly for many decades. Lately I have been having the urge to try a mead using US-05, I like the beer it makes, and have made a braggot with it that I liked a little too much. (Made...
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    Costco - Brewcraft - Home Brewing Starter kit.

    I was just looking around and saw this on Costco's web site. Kind of surprised me, but looks like homebrewing may be becoming more main stream. Looks like a very basic kit, and it comes with extract ingredients for a 5 gallon batch of Cream Ale. Anyone see this? I think I would would direct...
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    Somebody slap me.

    In the spirit of go big or stay home I tried another epic mead, the first in many years due to time limitations, but I get inspired here. On 200811122 I started up a OG batch coming in at around 1.123, added nutrients, and a handful of blended raisins and pitched some Pasteur Champagne...
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    Biden's new SS code name Celtic?

    How do I change my heritage? :confused:
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    Laziest yeast ever -

    OK, so I have yeast a little slow, I have yeast that have petered out on me. This is the first time that I have had a yeast just slowly go, and go, and go. WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale - I think I will name it "Gump", I am wondering if this thing truly can go over a month and still be in primary...
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    Hey, we bought another company, but we are diversifying.

    Just needed to vent, the folks at the local pub got tired if it, actually their response was "Huh". Yet another bailout, another 85 BILLION added to our tax bills. At least, we now bought out an investment bank, two mortgage companies, now an insurances agency. All we need now is an airliner...
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    Help with water report.

    OK, I will admit I kind of did not even go to my chem classes in HS, and I studied the "softer sciences" in college. Very nice and soft. I could use some help in figuring out just WTF I need to do to with my water if anything. I think the water is perfect, I have no problem or flavours...
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    Cloning "Grains of Paradise".

    OK, so I'm all set to do an All Grain (my forth) - Chimay Grande Reserve Clone. Got everything I need except for "Grains of Paradise". Can not get it anywhere locally and I still have not got the patience part down, and the brewing schedule is sacred and can not be violated. "I Need" a quick...
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    Cool ways for marking the in and out kegs?

    As I'm getting older, and usually nice and tipsy by the time I'm messing around with kegging I was wondering if anyone had some good ways to mark the beer out line so no matter how bad the lighting is, or how lit up the operator, the chance of putting the disconnect on the wrong post is removed...