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    Shelf life of Campden/SMB/PMB

    I am on a quest to find out what the shelf life of these chemicals are. I have an old bag of campden tablets and an old bag of potassium metabisulfite powder. These bags are easily 2+ years old and stored in the garage which gets hot/humid etc, probably not the best conditions. According to...
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    Keezer temperature controller considerations for longest life

    So right now my keezer uses an inkbird single stage temp controller. The probe is in a glass of water on the hump portion of the inside of the keezer and I have the temp set to 39F with a 2deg differential so it kicks on at 41F and kicks off at 39F when it cools back down to this temp and the...
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    Thoughts on cranberry puree in a Kolsch post ferm, maintain clear light beer

    So I would like to make a cranberry kolsch but keep the kolsch appearance. My initial thought is to use a puree and dose accordingly however the kolsch being as pale as it could succumb to discoloration rather quickly from the dosing that could be needed. I was thinking of taking the puree and...
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    Going from 1 vessel ebiab RIMS to 2 vessel

    So right now my method for brewing is to full volume mash in a bag in a keggle with constant temp recirculation, lift the bag out and drain and continue, no sparge. I am in the process of changing the system and lifting the bag out will no longer be an option however I still want to use the...
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    Hot Rod vs. Heat Stick vs. Sous Vide for strike water

    In a continual effort to shorten the brew day I would like to have the strike water ready to go straight into mashing in the morning. Off the shelf would be the most preferred method but I can do some DIY things as well. The sous vide method seems to be the easiest however I cant tell if you...
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    Flowing wort signal for firing element

    Im in the process of building a RIMS system and as a safe guard I would like to have a field sensor that would detect flowing wort after exiting the RIMS tube. The signal would pull in a relay or contactor to allow power to the element. Ive read a little about the hall effect sensors but I just...
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    Looking for weldless stand plans for single vessel RIMS BIAB

    I am hoping this has been done before. I would like to construct a single vessel brew stand with a "crane" to hoist the bag up and down. There will also be a RIMS tube on the side for recirc mash and then a propane burner for boiling. (Cant do 220V). Any help would be awesome.
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    4 tap reclaimed wood with copper lid keezer

    Over the summer me and the wife built a keezer from framing wood, reclaimed wood from a demolished homes roof and a sheet of copper. The copper was hammered with a ball peen hammer to give it that old look. Eventually the copper will patina and it'll be perfect. Finished product Making...
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    Beer isnt carbonated but has a head

    I recently got into kegging and have a 3 tap system right now. Anyway here is my system. CO2 tank->keg->10ft accuflex bev-seal ultra 3/16 tubing -> perlick 650ss faucets. The keezer the kegs are in is currently set to 38-39 deg and the CO2 pressure is set to 8psi for serving after being at...
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    Inkbird ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostat It appears Inkbird has released a new prewired temp controller. Does anyone see anything wrong with using something like this vs a STC1000 and make it DIY?:tank:
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    Bargainfittings and 70qt Coleman Xtreme

    Recently I acquired one of these coolers for a mash tun and would like to put a valve on it. Ive measured the thickness of the wall and it looks like a 2 inch nipple would be the way to go. The hole with the factory plug pulled out is 1inch in diameter and on the valve kit page it says its meant...
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    Which cooler should I get?

    I am in the process of converting to all grain. Recently, I got a 15gal kettle and burner and now I need to get a cooler for a mash tun. I would like to be able to do 5 and 10 gallon batches. Usually I don't do big beers or barley wines so I dont need a huge cooler. I have been looking at...
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    What is in my wort?!!!

    I brewed up an Oktoberfest on 7/22 and kept it at 40F and since then have been stepping up my yeast to pitch into it Now I have the yeast stepped up properly and when I go to pitch it I see this white mass floating in the wort. What is this? I thought it was ice but its not melting. Is it...
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    First partial mash was a diacetyl disaster

    The first partial mash i did was an irish red ale. I am not positive what happened but its been kegged for about 2 weeks and i can detect a good dose of diacetyl. What are some things that could have caused this? The yeast i used was safale s04 if that makes any difference. It was...
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    Partial mash Hefeweizen and Strawberry Hefeweizen

    Does anyone have a good German Hefeweizen partial mash recipe? I am looking to serve this at my wedding coming up! Along with this I would also like to try a Strawberry Hefeweizen. I would most likely do the regular Hefe first and then rack the next Hefe that will be a strawberry onto the yeast...
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    Carbonating issues

    I have an Oktoberfest in my first keg setup. It's been around a week and I can't seem to get the carbonation right. Currently it's at 45 deg at 15 psi and it tastes flat. There is lots of head but it quickly disappears and there are no bubbles in the beer. Its been in there for a week and the...
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    Blowoff tube while lagering

    I have 2 lager beers in the secondary right now and theyve been going for a month or so. I have them set up on a blow off tube into a cup of water that was sanitized with iodophor. Is this safe to do? Should I but a stopper in there or an airlock?
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    Night of the living yeast?

    So I've had a lager going in a secondary at 34F for a couple weeks now. I have it hooked up to a blowoff tube and today there was some activity. Is that normal or out of the ordinary?
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    7cu ft chest freezer for fermentation, want to keg

    Should I buy a 5 cu ft freezer for corny kegs?
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    CO2 volumes bottling calculation question

    When you are determining how much sugar to dissolve into the priming solution do you. Use the temp that the current temp is at (lagering at 35F) Use room temp since thats what the bottles will condition at I am thinking it is use the amount of sugar so you get the volumes of CO2 you...