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  1. J

    Samsung tablet/Arduino based EBIAB help please

    I just bought an EBIAB setup off of Craigslist and I need some help adapting it to my needs. The current system: My Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 20 gallon kettle w/ recirc port 5500 watt element false bottom brew bag chugger pump to recirculate mash Project box current setup: Arduino Uno...
  2. J

    Minnesota Keggle & burner

    Beautiful polished keggle with Blichmann thermometer and false bottom for sale along with Bayou Classic burner. I planned to build a three vessel system but ran out of time and need to get rid of some extra equipment. Willing to ship if you pay actual shipping costs. Located in Rochester area...
  3. J

    First GF IPA

    I've been making the transition to gluten free for health reasons. I made a GF coffee chocolate stout that was decent, but needed a hop fix. I came up with this recipe to use some of the mosaic hops I have. I just kegged and carbed it this week. Tried it tonight and was very happy with it. Next...
  4. J

    Homemade Belgian candi syrup

    I made my first gf beer last week after brewing "normal" grains for a few years. My first beer was a stout, and for extra color and fermentables I used a lb of D180. Liked the color, loved taste, hated the cost. I spent a few hours reading blogs about how to make it at home and saw that each...
  5. J

    Complete gravity fed all grain rig (Rochester MN)

    I am selling a comple all grain brewing setup. I love the setup and have brewed many batches on this, but have had to switch to a gluten free diet, so this doesn't fit into that. My loss is your gain. setup includes: 15 gallon keggle with sight glass, thermometer, ball valve (boil pot) 10 gallon...