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  1. phenry

    Bells suing a small brewer

    So Bell's is saying one thing and Innovation is saying another? What a conundrum!
  2. phenry

    Pitched Wyeast 3944 to hot

    I wouldn't be too worried about it. Just wait until bottling/kegging time to see if it tastes good enough to package. My guess is it will be.
  3. phenry

    SWMBO will be obeyed

  4. phenry

    Wort is good, beer is bad. Troubleshooting needed.

    What does he ferment in? Plastic? You can have good sanitation practices and still end up with lifeless nail polish of beer if you have a wild yeast or bacteria taking up residence in your plastic. You could also try bottling a batch and see the results from that. If his beer still ends up...
  5. phenry

    Help on proper use of Campden, gypsum and other additives

    If you're looking into adjusting your water chemistry I highly suggest using the Bru'n Water spreadsheet. If you're worried about variable water quality due to the number of sources your municipality uses, you could look at past years' water reports and see if they report similar values. If the...
  6. phenry

    When Did You Switch To All Grain

    I switched on my third batch. My first two extract batches were pretty awful, but likely for reasons other than being extract. That first AG batch wasn't anything to write home about either, but it at least gave me the encouragement that I could actually brew something I (somewhat) enjoyed...
  7. phenry

    Infections that aren't visible?

    I lost a few batches due to some wild yeast or bacteria taking up residence in my equipment. No pellicle or anything aside from normal krausen, but the taste was acrid and sour and like I was chewing on a piece of antique furniture. You can either bomb your equipment with caustic or bleach or...
  8. phenry

    Dubbel fermentation temps

    In my opinion, cold conditioning for strong Belgians is unnecessary, especially if you don't have the capacity for it. Extended bulk aging may have some benefits, but you'll still end up with good beer if you bottle directly after primary fermentation. Even better beer (usually) if you're able...
  9. phenry

    American Brown recipe critique

    I don't have any firsthand experience with 051, but since it's supposed to finish higher than 001 that's probably a good idea. Let us know how it turns out!
  10. phenry

    American Brown recipe critique

    Looks really good to me. If I were to tweak that recipe to my own liking I might add another half pound of C60 or C80, but that's just me. What temp were you planning on mashing at?
  11. phenry

    Are you the one who cooks in the house?

    I can drive a microwave like nobody's business.
  12. phenry

    Why not go bigger?

    I feel like with any amount of sanitation this really isn't much of an issue, especially considering I've pitched a single packet into a 5 gallon "starter" (1.038 Belgian singel) with no adverse effects. Step starters could be considered "dangerous" given that you have to pour slurries...
  13. phenry

    Inner Redneck

    This right here. None of the proud "country" folk I know would be caught dead with PBR. That's also out in the middle of nowhere Missouri, so who knows.
  14. phenry

    Well, I think this conclusively ends all debate.

    What would we do without lists telling us what we should buy? Without these kind of articles I'd be sitting at home with an empty fridge.
  15. phenry

    Threads you are tired of seeing

    Just so you know, I started my own homebrewing forum. I'm the only member. I never once wake up in the morning to opening my browser to one of "those" threads anymore. Sure, the wealth of information may be a little bit biased and conversation dry at times, but it sure does beat having to scroll...
  16. phenry

    Threads you are tired of seeing

    I'm tired of seeing threads about being tired of seeing threads, but mostly I'm tired of seeing posts about being tired of seeing threads in threads about being tired of threads. Threads.
  17. phenry

    Stay classy Bud: Trips to the ER

    That's about as useful as doing a study on how many dads own chinos in a mostly white suburb.
  18. phenry

    Beer People are Annoying

    There is some merit to calling some beers a session IPA. I brewed two ales this summer that came in around 3.5% abv, but used 7 oz of hops and tasted like an IPA of twice the abv. So for the sake of letting people know what they were about to drink, I just called it a session IPA. I could have...
  19. phenry

    More alcamahol means more drunk. Miller Fortune...more "craft" from bmc

    Finally, I can drink cider without having to worry about people's perception of me being the manliest manly man in danger.
  20. phenry

    On brew days, I drink my yeast starter.

    I started doing this about a year ago. I usually only pour about a pint to drink, but it definitely did help me realize I was fermenting my beers too cool and carbing too high for my own tastes.