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  1. radwizard

    Glycol Chiller not Chillin

    Howdy, This morning I tried to push my fermenter further down after a cold crash (TC @ 34 - Chiller - 28) there seems to be a halt in the chilling action. I would have to assume there is ice build up on the Spike Coils. My beers temp is reading 44f at this time (from 36 this morning) and...
  2. radwizard

    Washington Calling all Vancouverites

    Local Homebrew Comp. Bros Cascadia is doing a Homebrewers Comp with Bader Brewing Supply. Drop off date is Dec. 10 at either location Be there, or be square.... How many Vancouver folks do we have on here anyways?
  3. radwizard

    Full Volume Mashing and False Bottoms

    Hello! I just finished building my new 2 vessel system and set out to do my first brew today. It was a total nightmare, as I could not get the grain bed to set as I continued to clog the hoses and pump. I previously I have been recirculating using a BIAB bag and I never had any problems...
  4. radwizard

    Spike Flex Fermenter

    25 % off today for the flex and flex plus. Just saw on IG and confirmed on their site. Best deal I’ve seen.
  5. radwizard

    EBiab with the Boil Coil

    I have slowly been making the move towards brewing indoors and getting off the propane. Last weekend I brewed my first batch on my EBIAB system, everything went pretty well. I did have a few questions, mainly about adding heat and recirculating. Last brew I did not bring in all my...
  6. radwizard

    Pre Aciding Starters

    Is there an online calc out there, or does anyone know the formula for acid additions in starters? I am trying to create some starter media to do some wild captures. I want my starter to be at 4.5 ph. I have a PH meter and could do some sampling, just wanted to see if anyone had this...
  7. radwizard

    Water Report Q's

    I recently received a report of my brewing water from Ward Labs. I was hoping to get some insight, to what my next step should be. I am currently researching more info about water chemistry, but it feels like I have a long way to go until I can understand water chemistry well enough to enhance...
  8. radwizard

    Boil coil + SSbrewtech

    I’m thinking about installing a Blichmann Boil Coil on one of my 15 gallon SSbrewtech kettles. I’m wondering how compatible the coil is with the SS dip tube in the kettle. Does anyone have this configuration or any insight?
  9. radwizard

    Blichmann Controllers

    On the Blichmann site there is a pretty big sale going for both 120 and 240 controllers. Maybe they are unloading inventory and coming out with something new, I don't know. Anybody running a 240V Blichmann controller? I'd like to hear likes and dislikes about the unit. I'm thinking about...
  10. radwizard


    I don't really want to start a **** storm, but I wanted to hear what people had to say about this topic. I have a beer that was selected by a Commercial brewery to be brewed in a large Pro-Am comp. The brewery will produce this beer and make it commercially available prior to the next comp...
  11. radwizard

    Historical Beer: Lichtenhainer That "L" Word

    60% Oat Smoked Wheat Malt 20% Mecca Grade Lamonta Malt 20% Mecca Grade Pelton Malt Heated up 6 gallons of brewing water. Mashed in (Full Volume) and rested at 148 F for 60 Min Mashed out and heated Wort to 185 for 15 Min Chilled Rapidly to 70F Removed 2 liters of chilled wort into starter...
  12. radwizard

    Fruit Clogging issue on Keg

    I just put a heavily fruited beer on tap. It was primed with sugar a little over a month ago, and finally is chilled and ready to go. The fruit was a puree- oregon fruit. I didn't think it would clog, due to how fine it was. I was planning on just pouring a few sludgy pints and until it ran...
  13. radwizard


    I've decided that I want to try and brew a Lichtenhainer for a few competitions coming up. One of the competitions is an Oktoberfest theme that has entries limited to particular styles - that was the event that made curious to enter a Lichtenhainer. Here's the deal: I don't know jack about...
  14. radwizard

    Bottle Conditioning Q's

    I have not bottle conditioned a beer for a long time now. I bought some kegs and a fridge and the rest was history. I bottle conditioned every batch when I started brewing, but opted for using a beer gun off carbed kegs when I had the ability to do so I want to bottle condition a few beers...
  15. radwizard


    I'm planning on brewing with Spelt (Whole, Raw) and have concerns about how it is going to go in my mill. Anyone have any experience with Spelt? I'm hoping that it isn't to hard to go through my Cereal Killer mill. Any tips?
  16. radwizard

    Hop Farms

    Does anyone know of any smaller scale hop farmers that may sell to home brewers willing to drive out? I am trying to localize my brewing ingredients for a project I am working on, and would like top find farmers willing to sell directly. I have not had much success in my search so far...
  17. radwizard


    In many Scandinavian and Eastern European Farmhouse beers they are or were using Juniper. This Juniper is juniperus communis var. communis. In the Pacific Northwest we also have Juniper Communis, but I believe that this is a different variety ( juniperus communis var. depressa) . I think...
  18. radwizard

    Bière de Garde Biere De Garde

    I am pretty excited about this beer. It came out a little bigger then most of the farmhouse beers I like to make. At 8% it is dangerously drinkable. It really came out the way I was hoping for. It has a rustic quality, and is a nice beer to be enjoyed with dinner. For 6 gallons : Mashed...
  19. radwizard

    Mecca Grade Estate Malts

    Has anybody used them? I saw some of my favorite breweries using these guys and ended up at their website Looks like pretty good stuff. I have seen that a few PNW LHBS spots are stocking it now. I shot them an email and got a quick reply saying they sell direct...
  20. radwizard

    Specialty IPA: Black IPA Torres CDA

    I always wanted to give Falconers Flight a shot, so I bought a pound and brewed up a single hop (blend) Black IPA. The beer turned out really well. The one thing worth noting, The Falconers Flight took a little extra time to mellow in the keg then my usual IPA's do. They have a little more...