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    Understanding Pressure and Lines on Kegs

    I was pouring all foam when it was set at 11psi. I just switched from 4' to 10' line and the problem is completely solved.
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    CO2 Refill - Tampa Area?

    Thats awesome! I've wanted to try out airgas. :mug: Yeah, you're right, $61 is outragous
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    CO2 Refill - Tampa Area?

    16 bucks is about as good as it gets. I get mine from Tackleshack as well.
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    CO2 Refill - Tampa Area?

    many uhaul stations sell propane
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    CO2 Refill - Tampa Area?

    Thanks, I'm going to look into that when I start making stouts. Airgas is the only place I know of that sells nitrogen also. You may want to talk to the people at Booth's Brewing on Falkenburg, if you haven't already. They are great people. Also, since your in Brandon, Bootleggers says there is...
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    CO2 Refill - Tampa Area?

    What is beergas?
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    Apricot Ale suggestions?

    Maybe find a Magic Hat #9 clone. Many people don't like it, I think it's pretty good.
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    Nutrient Pack Fell Into Primary?!

    I've dropped the packet in there. I fished it out, but it really doesn't matter.
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    First Kit - BB Octoberfest- to lager or not?

    ferment at room temp (or the closet to 60° as you can) then lager in your fridge for a while, it will turn out fine; or skip the lagering if you want and I'm sure you'll still enjoy it.
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    Didn't boil priming sugar

    Well hops are kind of naturally anti-bacterial, that's why beer headed for India was highly hopped ;) also, I cold crash my beer before I bottle, and if your a tea drinker, you know that sugar does not dissolve in cold liquid well. So I need to dissolve the sugar into my cool beer otherwise I'm...
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    Didn't boil priming sugar

    I've not boiled the sugar a few times and nothing has happened. The only reason I prefer to boil the sugar is to thoroughly mix the sugar into the beer.
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    How much PSI do you have in a full CO2 tank?

    I filled my tank two weeks ago but I didn't read the meter. I've barely used it since and right now at room temperature I have 900 psi. I'm sure that's close, but I'm curious how much you guys get.
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    I have 50ml of yeast cake

    Thanks for that! I haven't pitched yet. Actually, I had about 10ml separated into 5 jars and I decided to decant all the jars into one. I've never repitched yeast before so I'm just wondering how much 50ml of cake really is. I think I'll make a starter just to make them wake up and shorten the...
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    I have 50ml of yeast cake

    I am still learning about making starters... If I want to make a 1 liter starter and I pitch all 50 ml of cake, have I over pitched? This is Kolsch Wyeast if it matters...
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    wyeast 2565 Kolsch

    The Kolsch I brewed on 7/17 had an OG 1.042 and FG 1.012, that was with pure O2 and 14 days of fermentation. Hope that helps...
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    Red ale

    I used a Brewers Best kit and I did not like it. It only uses 1 oz of chocolate malt but is leaves an unpleasant taste and comes out much too dark, however I did do a full boil and the kit is designed for partial.
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    Octoberfest OG at 1.074!

    1.074 sounds good, what did you want it to be?
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    When your keg is pouring all foam...

    very cool thread, thanks for posting
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    When your keg is pouring all foam...

    what are the best steps to bring it back? I forced carbed (first time) now there's just too much foam. How long until it settles?
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    Keggle Mash Tun

    I just don't trust steeping hot water in plastic, I like to do what I can to avoid it. But I'm probably going to gt a cooler anyway. Do you need 3 kegs for HERMS to work? I still haven't really figured out how the process works.