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  1. mrwaffles

    4th of July Sale + 10% OFF ALL KEG KITS HBT Exclusive -

    looking for 3 keg set up . Code would be awesome!
  2. mrwaffles

    Summer Night (Dark raspberry saison) recipe critique

    Just wanted to say that I have a keg of this on tap done with a few things done differently, like belgian saison yeast and hop changes, because of availablility and it is fantastic! Thanks for a great recipe to play with!
  3. mrwaffles

    Bulk Aging Temps?

    After major fermentation is done and racked once? Does it need to stay in the 60's for the entire time (6 months to year) before bottling? Just trying to get a feel for what people do. I don't have a cellar or basement so its in a fermentation chamber (freezer with temp control) and the freezer...
  4. mrwaffles

    Bulk Aging Temps?

    Hey All, I was wondering... after the first few weeks (month) of fermentation with lower temps, can mead by bulked aged in the mid to low 70's (room temp) without causing off flavors etc?
  5. mrwaffles

    Fig Mead

    So started fig mead back on Aug 25th. 16.5 lbs of dark local NC honey Nutrient LV1116 topped up to 6 gallons Warmed water enough to get honey dissolved and added nutrient and pitched yeast when cooled. No fermentation chamber but ambient temps in the low 70's. SG 1.096 after 3 weeks racked...
  6. mrwaffles

    What's the worst craft brew (commercial) you've had?

    never had but that sounds truly nasty!
  7. mrwaffles

    Yeast Washing Illustrated

    Washed some yeast from a porter two weeks ago. Got 4 jelly jars full in fridge. My question is.... i want to brew this saturday (a stout). Do i just pull a jar out sat. Morning let it warm up, decant and pitch into stout? Or do i need to make a starter friday night?
  8. mrwaffles

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    i have a batch that has been in carboy for 3+ months that i would like to bottle this weekend. Will be bottling still and not carbonated. Is there anything special I need to do? Add any conditioners, camden tabs, etc? This is my first time bottling a wine. I have floor corker, bottles and a bag...
  9. mrwaffles

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Ginger Ale

    Just sampled this, been 3 weeks in the bottle and followed the recipe pretty closely and I think it turned out great! Very little burn at all but tons of ginger flavor. "Dry Hopped" about .75 lb of thinly sliced ginger for 3 days before bottling and I feel it could have used more ginger or more...
  10. mrwaffles

    Denny Conn's Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter

    Denny, added everything but the sugar at beginning and seems to turned out ok. hit 1.076. not bad for first time mashing that much grain. added 2 extra lbs of pale row as i was a lb short on the dme. looked really tasty!
  11. mrwaffles

    Denny Conn's Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter

    Going to try to make the partial mash version on page 7 and was wondering if the DME should be added for 60 min boil or late edition or at flame out? Or does it really matter? I assume the sugar is added at flame out. Can not wait to try it!
  12. mrwaffles

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When your 3 yr old plays "making beer" in the bathtub during every bath time
  13. mrwaffles

    fruit purees

    Wad wondering same thing myself. I have a can of the blackberry puree and was thinking i could use it for a batch
  14. mrwaffles

    Selecting Yeast Primer

    Pretty new brewer here and your blog post on yeast was informative good work!
  15. mrwaffles

    Backsweetening Cider Questions

    Hey Guys, Was reading thru this thread and the full batch pasteurization and back sweetening at the same time looks like a great way to do things. Just to clarify that process is for a sweet still cider, correct? For...
  16. mrwaffles

    Is this normal looking for cider?

    Recipe: 2lbs frozen/thawed blueberries 1.5 lbs of corn sugar 32 fl oz blueberry juice 2.5 gallons of apples juice (from big box store) S04 yeast Fermented around 74 degrees entire time 6/12/12 OG - 1.070 7/13/12 Racked off fruit SG= 1.002 tasted pretty good just lacking age Topped off...
  17. mrwaffles

    Is this normal looking for cider?

    so i racked the cider tonight from underneath the brain matter. Surprisingly most of the brain matter had settled. The cider tastes a little on the acidic side/ vinegary. Smells good tho. Do you think it got infected and is turning into vinegar or does it just need a few more months of aging?
  18. mrwaffles

    Is this normal looking for cider?

    thanks for the keeving info. That is exactly what it looks like. Not sure how I accomplished that without adding the necessary PME and salts. Must be the unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider I used to top off carboys with at first racking. The initial juice was store bought brands without...
  19. mrwaffles

    Is this normal looking for cider?

    it was for the most part clear but I may have sucked up some debris not wanting to waste any of the precious liquid. I am going to rack it again this weekend when I have time and see if it reforms. Thanks!
  20. mrwaffles

    Is this normal looking for cider?

    Made 3 batches of cider on Fathers day last month, This is the blueberry apple juice one that fermented on frozen/thawed berries. I racked it off last week and just noticed this ghost looking stuff floating around yesterday. Is it normal? Do not think it is an infection but not sure since...