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    Carbing with a stone

    I am thinking about hooking up a loop circuit between my trub dump, pump with a carb stone, & racking cane. Has anyone tried this? I have heard that you need some head pressure of co2 but not sure why? In theory after about an hour or so it should work. I'll be using a 1bbl ss fermenter with...
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    Braumeister Fermentors

    Anyone have any experience with Braumeisters SS fermenters? Quality, issues??
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    IPA repeatability

    When attempting to repeat an IPA when the hop AA's are different from crop to crop, do most of you attempt to obtain the same IBU's or same flavor/aroma? If you go for same IBU's do you alter your boiling times or do the formula to achieve the proper IBU's with same boil times as previous recipe?
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    Lighter Beer Carbonation

    Lately I have been having a problem with carbonating my lighter beers with bottling. I force carb at 17psi for a few days, then bring down to about 6psi for bottling after I have released some pressure. No matter what I do, the foaming is crazy. Used to never have this problem but my last 2...
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    Help with initial strike temp for Mash

    I am looking for some advice to give me the best method to determine my strike water so when I add my grain (68-70 F) that my desired mash temp hits relatively close. I don't plan to do HERMS or RIMS. I have used multiple calculators and no matter what it says to do, as soon as the grain is...
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    Vanilla addition

    In boil at 15 min or fermenter after primary fermentation complete?
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    Help with gravity

    Ok.....using beer smith. Making a medium body wheat beer. States my expected pb Gravity should be 1.058. I got 1.056. I did not fee compelled to correct for the .002 points. During the boil, took a sample & corrected it for temp & it was 1.070. Final gravity should be 1.066. So I'm doing...
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    Grain grind

    Does this look like a decent grind? Used barley crusher for years & never changed the roller settings. Had some brews not turn out & many that have.
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    False bottom sizes

    So if I have a 13" diameter mash tun, can I use a 12" domed false bottom or does it need to be an exact fit?
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    Beersmith help

    When choosing a mash profile with a mash out option, it states to add water to bring it up to temp. I usually use my HERMS to do this, so do I add strike water it states & additional water for mash out (changes it from 1.25 to 1.75 qts/lb).
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    Fast fermentation?

    Anybody out there have a fast fermentation....under 16 hrs? Amber ale 1.060 OG pitched yeast last nite @ 8:15p. Today at 3p.....barely any bubbling. My friend witnessed this. Haven't had a chance to check a gravity yet. 4.5g batch.
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    Beer body

    So I made my first black IPA. Suggestion was for a little more "body". What should I add. Main base malt was 2 row... 10lbs for a 5 gal batch along with midnight wheat & crystal 60.
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    Water connection to chiller

    I'm thinking of hooking up a dedicated supply & drain line to my plate chiller using pex tubing. I know the lower psi rating the heat limit is 180 F. Wondering if anybody has used this & how the pex held up to the run off water heat which I assume initially is nearer to 190-200 F at first.
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    Recirculating Mash

    Should I use a lid on my mash tun or not with a recirculating/HERMS?
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    Blichmann Therminator

    Has anyone had any experience running wort through a blichmann Therminator by gravity?
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    Drilling holes for pots

    Any advice on where to drill my holes (from the bottom) of my 8 gallon pot for the element, valve, thermometer probe, & site glass?
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    Fittings for Plastic Conicals

    Just looking for suggestions on for best fittings to a conical (racking arm, yeast dump, etc). Picks preferred along with explanation. I want to be able to disassemble easily for cleaning as well.
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    Vanilla Porter

    Thinking of trying vanilla powder or ground vanilla in my porter instead of beans. Any suggestions? Add to boil, primary or secondary? Equivalents for 8 gal batch?
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    Hop trellis lines

    Can anybody tell me how to train the vines to go up horizontal twine lines vs vertical? Have seen some trellis' set up w/their lines going horizontal about 3-6" apart. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Hop trellis boxes

    Ok.....going to make this soon so settle the argument for me.......treated or standard #2 pine? Sent from my iPad using Home Brew