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    Rhizome pre order 15% off for HBT members! - Farmhouse

    Thanks! This will act as a kick in the pants to figure out my choices :D
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    Autosiphon broke - replacement?

    I broke my autosiphon just before racking my carboy into a keg this evening. I got by with using the racking cane section of the autosiphon with a carboy cap and blowing into the smaller part of the cap, which worked well enough and I'm sure a number of people rack regularly with this method. It...
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    Mash Tun: Braided Hose vs. Manifold

    True, but we were trying to do this as cheap as possible. I totally think that the manifold is likely to work better, but results with the ss braid worked. The hacksaw is worth it to me now, but for a 1off project while in school it was another cost addition.
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    Mash Tun: Braided Hose vs. Manifold

    I used a braided hose in the 52qt cooler a number of years ago. Worked fine. Decision was based on price as I would have need to buy a hacksaw. Not a whole lot of tools laying around the dorm.
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    2 beers/1 mash

    Partigyling an imperial stout recipe is rather easy. First batch is essentially a no-sparge batch. This leaves behind a good deal of leftover wort in the mash for the sparge to run into a second stout that will probably be sitting around 4.5% (unless it's a really big first running or you get...
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    Scratches in new Blichmann Conical

    That'd be super annoying, but the cleaning and sanitizer should clean them out just fine.
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    Keezer in the Garage-Do taps freeze?

    Keezer in an unheated garage is not something I would be willing to do if the temp gets below 25* routinely. The building itself can provide around 10* of heat, but in a cold winter your going to need a lot more.
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    My wicked retahded Chiller

    Did you try and make it look that convoluted?
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    delabeling bottles

    New Glarus (hooray WI) bottles are by far the easiest I've ever delabeled. Soak them in a weak concentration of soap and warm water and they just slide right off. The only thing that came off easier was day-old wheatpasted labels on homebrew.
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    Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies

    Those look really nice. Well done!
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    What I did for beer today

    Yesterday I threw some Perlicks in a big ol' trash can Biermuncher style. Right now I need to make a yeast starter
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2014?

    +5 Black IPA +5 Christmas Beer +5 ESB 41633
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    (keg) Does the 1st pour in the line usually taste bad?

    2nd for the Accuflex. Farmhouse had the best deal and has always done right for me. I'd also recommend the plastic mfl fittings specifically made for the Accuflex. They make the lines so easy to install.
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    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    1st 'disappeared', which I'm assuming meant that that one of my roommates broke it and threw it away without saying anything. 2nd was purchased after a number of blind brews - broke the first day of use by a housemate. 3rd and 4th broken by me. That puts us at 1200
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    Crack in autosiphon

    Obviously infections can withstand alcohol, but it's a lot harder for a microscopic bit of lacto, brett, or wild yeast to take over when the yeast has already munched up 75% of available sugar and turned it into alcohol. Keep in mind that I'm talking about the stupid microcracks, and the number...
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    Crack in autosiphon

    At what point in the brewing process are you using your autosiphon? I don't have a large level of trust in them until post-fermentation where there is some alcohol to stave off what may be hiding in the tiny cracks that seem to be appear on them after their 3rd use.