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  1. aggiejay06

    How long will CO2 layer stay in primary once opened?

    Hey all, Going to dryhop today for the first time. I know a lot of people are just dryhopping straight into the primary now, and that's what I plan to do. Got a 10-month old, so I'd love to save the time of cleaning and racking! I've got my brew in a 6.5 gallon a fair amount of...
  2. aggiejay06

    Need a beer style suggestion for a picky SWMBO

    Hey folks, Trying to find something to brew that my wife will actually like, so she can enjoy the fruits of my homebrewing labor,'s a little info on her: -For years she's been a Coors Light girl -I just recently was able to get her to switch to Miller Lite (I was so proud of...
  3. aggiejay06

    World Beer Festival in Raleigh

    Anyone else going? I'm super stoked about it. It'll be my first beer festival to go to :tank:.
  4. aggiejay06

    Strong flavor from overcarbonation?

    Hey folks, I'm trying to pinpoint a flavor I'm having in my last 3 batches. I brewed for three straight weeks, and each brew stayed in fermentation for 3 weeks before bottling (Belgian Tripel: 2 weeks primary, 1 week racked over bourbon-soaked oak chips; Weizenbier 3 weeks primary; Amber ale 3...
  5. aggiejay06

    Getting an accurate pre-boil volume?

    I'm using Beer Smith to formulate my recipe for my first all grain brew...this thing is great, and I can already tell I'll be buying it once the free trial runs out. I love the instructions it prints up based on what you've's my only question... I'll be batch sparging and...
  6. aggiejay06

    Please critique batch sparge technique

    Hey folks, I've done a bunch of forum searches and even read up on the Wiki on batch sparging, but I haven't found enough detail to make me 100% confident I'm going to batch sparge properly. Based on my recipe, I should use 5 gallons of sparge water. I am going to mash in my brew kettle (no...
  7. aggiejay06

    When to add crystal malt and honey?

    Hey folks...about to try my hand at brewing all grain for the first time. I'm thinking of using these malts/adjuncts (I haven't decided on hops...and I'm also considering adding some ginger root and blueberries in at their appropriate stages): 8 lbs. Pale malt (2-row or 6-row...haven't...
  8. aggiejay06

    About to do first batch of all-grain...some questions first

    Hey folks...wanted to start out by saying you guys are awesome :rockin:. I troll the forums and get a lot of answers that way, but I'm doing my first all-grain batch this weekend. I want to nail it on the head as much as possible, so I got a couple of specific questions. 1. I just ordered a...
  9. aggiejay06

    Loose bottle caps! Advice?

    Hey folks, Just brewed my second batch...a pumpkin spice ale, just in time for Thanksgiving. :mug: I bottled this afternoon...51 12oz's. Problem is though that, with at least 17 of those or so, I can slightly turn the bottle cap (some just barely, others a lot). I've used many of these bottles...
  10. aggiejay06

    Need advice on aging/conditioning

    Aging/conditioning are the same thing, right? Anyhow...I just tried my first bottle of my first ever batch :ban:. (It's an ale, FYI.) It was pretty good...but I feel like it needs time. I did some forum searches, but haven't gotten a definitive answer. Is it best to just leave the ale...
  11. aggiejay06

    Might I have oxidized my first ever batch while racking?

    Hey all...I just finished bottling my first batch ever yesterday :ban:. However, I didn't come across this site and some of the others out there until today, and now I'm realizing I may have made a big boo boo while racking. I was using an auto-siphon, and with the attached tube being so...