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  1. Marko73

    Any hunters out here?

  2. Marko73

    Any hunters out here?

    Agreed. Right now, I am looking for information on bows and shooting, rather than hunting. In MA, you need to take the course to shoot at my local rod and gun club.
  3. Marko73

    Any hunters out here?

    I would really like to get into bow hunting and signed up for the hunter safety course here in Mass. Any advice on a good resource for the very very beginner?
  4. Marko73

    William's Brewing

    I have been really happy with Williams. Also think there kits have produced some of the best beer I have had. I wish they shared the ingredients, but when I asked, I understood their concern about proprietary information. It's just odd when all of the other suppliers share their recipes. I...
  5. Marko73

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    Ooops! I forgot Obnoxious was part of the title of this thread. . ;)
  6. Marko73

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    I have to agree, I like Rex Ryan. I think he brings something to the NFL that the league needs. The players love him and the fact that he has taken (at least on paper) underdogs to the AFC championship game 2 years in a row says something.
  7. Marko73

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    Yeah, as far as Ocho and Moss being in the same locker room you wonder. But if he did it with TO and Moss did it with Carter, anything could work. ;) From what I have read, the team is very high on Price and I think they are bringing along Edelman as the eventual 'replacement' for Welker. I...
  8. Marko73

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    Not to mention the TEs?!?
  9. Marko73

    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    Can you imagine though, Ocho, Moss, Branch, Welker, and then this young kid Price coming along as a receiver core? I think they would just disect defenses.
  10. Marko73

    Finally!! I can excercise!!

    For the trips home, I recommend 1mph at +5 incline. My wife recently bought a similar treadmill. Turned out to be a very expensive clothes drying rack and storage shelf. ;)
  11. Marko73

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    I'm in!!
  12. Marko73

    Could someone take a look at my city's water profile?!!!

    Not sure of your brew method, but if you are not doing a full boil, you should boil all of your water to get the chlorine out. I started out doing partial boils and topping off the fermenter with water. I would boil about 2.5 gallons the night before and put that in the fermenter with the...
  13. Marko73

    LME vs. DME

    To anwser your original question, yes it will work just as well. 20% more LME instead of DME and I think it is 17% less DME instead of LME. I think it is personal preference mostly. I happen to really like LME. +1 for the freshness. Probably the most important factor in LME.
  14. Marko73

    Pilsener with no Lager Equip?

    I sort of went by the Charlie Papazian school of brewing which was, if you can't get cold enough for your lager, don't worry about, don't age it as long. My very first lager I couldn't get below 55 so I basically treated it like an ale. It didn't have the super crisp taste of lager, but it...
  15. Marko73

    Pilsener with no Lager Equip?

    Not sure if you have the book, but check the online version of John Palmer's How to Brew online. I follow this: I can keep my bulkhead at around 40 degrees so I lager for about 4 weeks. From what I understand, you can lager for a shorter time at higher temps and still get a reasonable...
  16. Marko73

    MLIA Label Repository

    The great NIGEL TUFNEL!!! :rockin:
  17. Marko73

    Snowed in on the east coast..

    Just got done. About a foot of snow, but about 20 degrees and high winds. Sipping on a Winter Ale I brewed in Oct. Never tasted better.
  18. Marko73

    How do you like your Hot Wings?

    I love to fry the wings first and then toss them with a nice sauce. I feel like they come out nice and crispy. Second favorite way is the grill.
  19. Marko73

    101 Most useful Websites you don't know about

    Found this today. . some really great stuff in here. Font Squirrel is awesome for 1000s of Fonts.
  20. Marko73

    crtl+v thread

    Quest for Glory :rockin: