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  1. ashrivers86

    Force carbonation with plastic.

    I have been reading into forced carbonation recently and I noticed that it is only done with kegs. Hypothetically, if I were to make a 2.5 or 3 gallon batch of beer in a 6.5 gallon plastic bucket, could I force carbonate this way? With pressure being the way it is, I was thinking about putting a...
  2. ashrivers86

    Pumpkin Ale Won't Carb

    So I made a beer last month, & I bottled it 3 weeks ago or more. Generally it takes about 4 days for me to get any sort of carbonation and sometimes the carbonation is done after a week. However, this time I made a five gallon pumpkin ale batch and I did my sugar and water mixture and I waited a...
  3. ashrivers86

    Second yeasting.

    So a few guys and I we're talking about Hefeweisen and other wheat beers. We also got talking about secondaries and the right yeast to use. I chimed in with using 1 yeast for one week, then porting the beer over to a secondary with hey new yeast strain and about one ounce of adjunct for it to...
  4. ashrivers86

    Cr8zy 8 Summer Ale (5 gal.)

    This winter I decided I wanted to craft something that would accentuate everything in summer by mixing my a hint of Wheat with some Golden and Pilsner extract. My thoughts on summer are to have something sweet in the day and spicy at night with a high octane attitude. Now that summer has kind of...
  5. ashrivers86

    No Carbonation

    So I decided to use sugar tabs instead of priming sugar solution this time. It has been 10 days plus and some of my beers have a little bit of carbonation but are generally flat and others none at all. Can I open bottle double the tab count or has that boat sailed?
  6. ashrivers86

    How long is ok?

    So I started a new batch of a 5 gal. Hefeweizen on Monday/Tuesday. I matched my previous recipe except for the addition of 11oz. of honey, 1 oz. maple syrup, and I switched over to 2 vials of wlp351 this time. I was reading on the side that average time for this strain is 24-72 hours. However...
  7. ashrivers86


    Hi everyone, This is my first 5 gal. hefe. I have used the Mr Beer before to make pale ales and other beers. I am hoping to make a higher abv than usual hefe, like around 6.8% - 8%. I have all my supplies and I have a few questions. I have two 16 oz. wheat extract packets and 1 lb. of...