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  1. TheBluePhantom

    Root beer

    Short answer, it is a soft drink, no alcohol. I believe it started in the USA during prohibition just to have something interesting to drink. Or maybe it just got popular to make at home, it was a good excuse to have bottles, bottle caps, and a capper arouond the house. it was made with...
  2. TheBluePhantom

    Spiced Cider Gone Wrong

    What I don't see in the list is yeast nutrient. Apple juice usually needs this for a clean ferment. You may have off flavors from a stressed ferment, particularly since the cinnamon was trying to inhibit. Maybe next time just ferment the fermentables (juice and brown sugar) with nutrient (not...
  3. TheBluePhantom

    Cider gushing when bottling with CPBF.

    I like my cider sweet and carbonated, so I normally use Pot sorbate and pot meta. The method I am used to seeing and use myself is the same up to the sweetening. I add the chemicals then wait two weeks for them to work. then backsweeten and wait another two weeks under airlock to see if the...
  4. TheBluePhantom

    Surprised by carbonation

    Hah, don't believe published tempertures. I once used a yeast for soda that had a lower temp of 59F. Put it in the fridge at below 40 and had the first one wrap the cap around the opener. Other yeasts will stall out 3 degrees above the lower temp. I bought kegs because of this.
  5. TheBluePhantom

    Any reason to NOT use a stir plate to break up yeast before pitching?

    I just bought the strong magnet in a plastic blister package. Never took it out. I store it on stuck on the flourescent light above me. Works well for harvesting slurry too. Sanitize the stir bar and pitch it after the batch is racked out. Swirl the magnet around to break up all the yeast...
  6. TheBluePhantom

    RO water overnight

    I am not infected with bugs, but spiders love water in the winter. If nothing crawls in, then evaporation is the only other issue.
  7. TheBluePhantom

    Forgot the flaked

    Technically, you didn't mash them you steeped them. After 30 minutes of boiling your enzymes would be long gone and have zero diastatic power. Not sure of the flavor change. Will probably leave it cloudier, but its a NEIPA, so who will be able to tell? Probably lost a bit of gravity too, or...
  8. TheBluePhantom

    RO water overnight

    Lid definitly. every time I leave something open a spider or something hops in. If I am venting chlorine I put a towel. I primary wines with a sanitized bandana held with a bungie cord. Breathes well, no bugs. Unless you need a name and Arachnaphobia Ale sounds good.... Actually, I might...
  9. TheBluePhantom

    Any reason to NOT use a stir plate to break up yeast before pitching?

    I do 4 liter starters for mead. I decant right down to what the racking cane will pull out. Then I take a loose strong magnet and pull the stirring magnet around the flask for a while to breakup the yeast. On heavy sludge I even use the magnet to shove it around for the pour. I try not to go...
  10. TheBluePhantom

    Replacing tower on kegerator

    I had a similar problem. The big issue was that the original tower was 2.5 inches and all the replacements are 3 inch. So I could not use the bayonet, and I needed to cut larger openings in the top plastic, and the drip tray would not fit. I only wanted to use it for a few parties, and those...
  11. TheBluePhantom

    My first Keezer (10 tap)

    The biggest problem is keeping them fresh. With 10 there are always some slow movers. But you don't get as bored. I keep a few kegs of pop for the kids, and you can do meads, ciders and sparkling wines as well, and still have a variety of beer. But there are still days when I want something...
  12. TheBluePhantom

    Bottling with covid

    Not worth the risk to me. I put off two rackings for Covid last November. I ended up in ICU for 33 days, and Rehab for 22 more. Finally had my wife do the rack while I gave directions from my bed in rehab. I just couldn't imagine telling someone, "sorry about being sick, but it was a...
  13. TheBluePhantom

    Inkbird FAIL

    Just got hit with a big power surge the other day. Blew out 7 breakers in the panel. The toll so far is three surge suppressors and an inkbird. It still read fine, and the compressor turned on, but the relay sticks turning off. I will try to fix it later. I don't blame the inkbird, it was...
  14. TheBluePhantom

    I'm dying ...

    Tortuous My usual and unintentional path
  15. TheBluePhantom

    Beginner's Mead, First Homebrew

    All of the above is good stuff. Just pulling things out of my head, I would say the following things: You can't over sanitize or over clean. Mead likes to age, aging and contaminants are a bad mix. If you are not heating your ingredients, use potassium metabisulphite (campden). I have made...
  16. TheBluePhantom

    Bottle carbonisation - not that straightforward

    That might be a rather bad idea. Remember the headspace is there for expansion. If you bottle cool and later transport or store warm, you may have the liquid expand to fill the bottle, and then stretch or break the bottle. Really the carbonation wouldn't be affected much. At 2 liter volume...
  17. TheBluePhantom

    White powder residue from isopropyl alcohol

    I use very warm PBW for cleaning, cracked my racking canes. Bought this next time.... Stainless Racking Cane
  18. TheBluePhantom

    Why no higher end picnic taps?

    Little clips like you would use in a garage for brooms. Got them off Amazon.
  19. TheBluePhantom

    You don’t “brew” mead!!!!!

    There is no sake Forum in the Wine, Mead, Cider & Sake section...
  20. TheBluePhantom

    Low Budget Taps

    Lost one to a bad ball lock connector (off brand), but never lost any to a bad picnic tap. When mine break it is the pins on the handle. but it stays sealed. I have read multiple stories about family pets pulling a standard faucet. And I also use these with soda, at 25 psi. That is probably...