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  1. SnakeRidge

    The Homebrew Recipe Bible: Book Review

    Thanks! Just ordered a copy. I've been looking for a new brewing book to read, and this one got by me somehow.
  2. SnakeRidge

    100 Batches or Bust

    I'll second Calder here. I've brewed 227 All Grain batches since September of 2011. My biggest year was 2014 when I brewed 63 All Grain batches. These have all been mixes of 2.5, 4, and 5 Gallon batches. Just make sure you learn something from each batch. It's easy to just put your head down...
  3. SnakeRidge

    First parti-gyle split batch, advice please

    Let it ride. That's what I do. Take measurements and you'll know better what to expect next time.
  4. SnakeRidge

    what does top fermenting yeast really mean ?

    The yeast is suspended throughout the solution during fermentation. The foam you see on top is caused by the offgassing of CO2 produced by fermentation. That's why fermenting beer ( top or bottom fermenting) looks 'milky' while beer that is done fermenting drops clear. There is no 'interface.'
  5. SnakeRidge

    If it's homemade, can I still call it a coke?

    Hey man, now I live in Missouri where they like to think they're Southerners. I wear big pants around here, let me tell you what.
  6. SnakeRidge

    If it's homemade, can I still call it a coke?

    South Carolina native, Coke is soda. Any kind. I waited tables and conversations went like this: "What'll you have to drink?" "Coke" "What kind?" "Sprite" It doesn't make sense, but embrace it all the same.
  7. SnakeRidge

    What beer style only gets better with age?

    I'm still drinking Barleywines, Meads and Imperial Stouts I brewed in 2011. I had a crappy capper back then, so it's hit or miss on some of them.
  8. SnakeRidge

    First parti-gyle split batch, advice please

    I do this pretty regularly with a Barleywine/pale ale and RIS/Small Stout. I mash in a 10 gallon round water cooler. I find that I get roughly 55% efficiency on the first run, 30% on the second. I do a 1/3, 2/3 split between the Big and the Little. I mash, run that off and add 6 gals of water...
  9. SnakeRidge

    Mr Beer Oktoberfest

    Don't dump it! Your beer is fine, just a little green. Let it ferment for another week. The cloudiness is a clue. Yeast will drop out when they are done. The cloudiness means that a lot of the little buggers are still floating around eating up sugar. Your temperature is very good. The yeast...
  10. SnakeRidge

    Which whiskey or whisky is your big bottle

    Ancient Age is one of my favorite low dollar bourbons. It's getting harder to find as (I believe) it's a 3 year old Buffalo Trace and they are reserving more and more barrels for the higher price point brands. I keep Old Overholt on my shelf as the house Rye. Mighty fine.
  11. SnakeRidge

    $1 BYO Magazine Back Issue Blowout!!!

    Just a heads up, shipping on 10 magazines is $15. Seems a bit steep for standard shipping.
  12. SnakeRidge

    Any good low profile whirlpool arms?

    Don't know if they'll work with your system, but this is what I plan to go with. Pretty slick.
  13. SnakeRidge

    Reinheitsgebot and salts

    Considering that it's still a law in Germany, I think they still care quite a bit about it. Fun reads:
  14. SnakeRidge

    My Garage turned home Bar

    Very nice build! Is its' inside really bigger than its' outside?
  15. SnakeRidge

    St. Louis

    There are actually a lot of good breweries in St. Louis. I'm a recent transplant to Springfield but some good ones to check out are: 4 Hands. They do a lot of cool hoppy beers and stouts. They just released their Barrel Aged Bona Fide, a stout with coffee and vanilla. It is tits. Urban...
  16. SnakeRidge

    Step temp question

    Overshooting your desired temp is the issue here. If you want to get to 156* and set the temp too high, you might hit 160+ even if you cut the heat at 156*. I would prefer to get there gradually (within reason) rather than go too far over. Since you recirculate, the temp should be pretty even...
  17. SnakeRidge

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    All Grain Cream Ale Kit
  18. SnakeRidge

    Total NooB and it's already becoming too much

    Off topic but +1 for the Paw! Go Tigers!