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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Mashing a BDSA at the moment. Never brewed one before so it should be a lot of fun. Can't wait to try it... next year. o_O
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    Citra Simcoe Pale Ale

    I agree. I'd swap the citra bittering with some of the simcoe dry hop. It'll give a more complex dry hop aroma and Simcoe is a cleaner bittering hop IMO. EDIT, And I just realised the beers already made, doh
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    Gelatin Use for clarity!!

    I just open the keg and turn the gas on while adding the gelatine. I figure if I'm constantly blowing O2 out then no oxygen can get in.
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    I'm getting impatient with a lager fermentation-WLP800. How long is this going to take to attenuate?

    Because the yeast is so old you probably under-pitched a bit there. Thats going to slow your fermentation a bit. Hopefully it'll still be good. If the racoon started at 1.050 and is predicted to go to 1.006 thats a .044 of fermentation, you are at 1.028 so half way there. You are over half way...
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    Is Beer Smith worth it?

    I couldn't cope without it. I use it for recipe building, scaling recipes from other people, tracking my ingredients, keeping brewday notes and tasting notes. I use the desktop one for designing and note taking and the phone app then for brewday timers, etc and so when I go to a club meeting I...
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    Does anyone else dislike US-05?

    Thats interesting. From my non side by side impressions I've thought M44 to be extremely clean but also slightly muting of hop flavour compared to 05. Now thats not side by side and in different beers so I am probably wrong. Really surprised by the bitterness thing though. I definitely need to...
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    Does anyone else dislike US-05?

    I usually bump up my temp. Admittedly I massively rushed this beer so that's probably why I had issues.
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    Does anyone else dislike US-05?

    I found this thread because this is the issue with my latest. I've had it once before with US-05. Both times I fined with gelatin and got crystal clear beer. Usually I use 05 for my big hoppy beers and I don't do post fermentation fining and I don't get the character. TBH I've probably been a...
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    Keg ball lock fitting stuck

    This threads a life saver. Bit of boiling water and it popped right out. Should have checked here before I tore up the disconnect with a wrench and screwdriver.
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    Help brewing a RED Ale

    I completely disagree with that. I've used roast barely in reds loads of times ranging from 5-10% and I always get red of different depths. Maybe its because I'm in Ireland and use British roast barley as opposed to US? Anyway I like roast barely in a red, towards 10% adds a little copperish...
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    Best NEIPA hop combos

    I did that last time I made one. It was nice but I think I'd go with more citra in future. It was a little more resinous than I wanted. TBH I'd probably just drop one of the other hops to make it 2-1 with citra dominant. Or I'd just use denali in place of one of the others, its a very clean...
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    Do "professional" brewers consider brulosophy to be a load of bs?

    I agree completely with everything else you are saying but this point is just incorrect and unfair. I think you may be applying what you are looking for in your triangle tests to what Brulosophy are doing. The "which do you prefer" stuff in their write ups is treated as incidental. They are only...
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    Killing kegs of mediocre beer

    I only drink mediocre beer until something better is ready to take its place. Then it goes down the drain.
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    What brew do you have plans for?

    I've pretty much got my next 7 beers planned. I've recipes (that I'll tweak as I go along), ingredients and tentative dates for brewing each of them. They are session IPA, slightly smoked Porter, American Pale, IPA (for a comp), session hoppy Oatmeal Red (maybe for comp if I can figure out what...
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    Do "professional" brewers consider brulosophy to be a load of bs?

    Why are people getting hung up on the "which beer do you prefer" question. Its not important nor do they claim it to be scientific. The main question asked in the triangle test is "which beer is different". Now I have issues with how that is tested but at least address the real purpose of their...
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    Most annoying response when you tell someone you're a homebrewer?

    Pfft. I just had a new baby 3 months ago. I'd only 2 kegs to see me through and when they kicked on the 6th week I just started brewing again.
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    Purging Oxygen in the keg with Starsan and Keg Hopping

    Last hoppy brew I made I used the method where you purge the keg of oxygen by pushing starsan out before you fill through the liquid post. It worked great and I've been really happy with that beer. Now I want to do it again but this time I also want to keg hop an NEIPA for extra aroma. My...
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    New England IPA hater

    I've had quite a few bad ones, they looked and tasted awful. I don't mind the haze but a lot of the poor examples have stuff floating in them and I can't be dealing with that. Having said that I've had a couple of nice ones too so its more a case of ****ty brewing than the style itself being...
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    Ireland and Germany

    Dublins beer offerings have improved a lot recently to the point that most places will have at least a couple of good taps on. You can download an app for your phone called Beoir that will point you towards bars with a craft beer selection in Ireland. Good pubs to visit would be 57 The Headline...
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    Pale Ale Recipe / Dry Hopping Keg

    I keg hop usually with 100g of leaf hops. I have a long stainless mesh cylinder to keep the hops in. It is powerful and takes a week or so to clean up but when the beer drops clear and the hops have blended in its beautiful for about 2 months before it drops off again. I've never been able to...