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  1. friday

    WTF I like light beer, light in color

    Well I've been a long time in denial. I've finally admitted to myself that I like light beer. Not any light beer but the light beer that I make and a very few micros. I've always been a big fan of porters and stouts, it's pretty hard to mess that up. Light beer has been the beer that...
  2. friday

    Challenger, target, northdown rhizomes?

    Challenger, target, northdown rhizomes? Does anyone have, or know where to get these rhizomes? They don't seem to be commercially available in north America.
  3. friday

    Guys you do not want one of these in your brewery arsenal. I bought one for carboys and I cleaned 12 really dirty carboys in less the an hour. Now I'm convinced that I can get a sank keg clean and I'm going to have to buy one for sank kegs. The thing works to good, now I have to buy another...
  4. friday

    new nitro system problems

    Ok so I just set up my new nitro system and I'm blowing a very nice glass of foam. Here's what I'm doing. I have about an 8ft line from the keg to the tap and I'm running 25 psi. My kegs are naturally carbed and at are 34f. The restrictor plate is defiantly in the faucet, can a...
  5. friday

    Adding more height to a raised bed?

    I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to add another tire to my hop beds this year, I would like to have a little more height so as to help with watering. I'm also wondering if I might cause problems by doing this, it seems like burring them in an extra foot of dirt might not be a good...
  6. friday

    Celli tower shanks. Where to find?

    I have been looking for a celli tower shank online now for about a hour. I can't find any celli/ European shanks. This is getting frustrating. Can someone point me in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Friday
  7. friday

    Looking for a gypsum substitute

    I'm looking for a safe gypsum substitute. Something that can be obtained at a small grocery store. I'm asking because I don't have a brew shop near by and I don't want to mail order it. If this has been covered in another thread can some one please post the link to it. Thanks, Friday
  8. friday

    picking hops early?

    Ok so here's the deal: a friend of mine has a large amount of hops that his family is going to tear out of the ground this week. They have been there for over 100 years and there are a lot of cones on them. Apperantly, the root balls take up the size of wine keg. What i need to know is if...
  9. friday

    hbs bakersfield or stockton, ca ?

    Any one know of a hbs in bakersfield or stockton, ca? I cant find anything on the net and if there is a good one in those areas i would like to know abought them. A adress or a phone # would be helpfull also. thanks
  10. friday

    Bad yeast smack pack?

    I need some quick advice, im doing a mead at the time of this post. I just went to the brew shop today and picked up a wyeast 4632 dry mead smack pack. The mfg is 01/20/09 i activated it 4 hours ago and it hasent swelled at all at room temp. This is the first mead pack i have ever used and all...