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  1. karljrberno

    Crazy cloudy hazy

    15 lbs rahr 2 row 1.5 lbs 40* crystal 1.25 oz warrior XX 60 1 oz citra 30min .5 oz simco 30min 1oz simco 15min .5 oz citra 15min .5 oz citra flam .5 oz simco flame 1 oz dry hop citra Imperial A20 citrus yeast OG = .087 mash 153 deg Transferred to secondary after 9 days not dry hop...
  2. karljrberno

    Co2 carbonation ?

    Kegerator temp 38°f co2 cabination at 11ps for 3 weeks to achieve the carbonation level that I desire .... When I chang the psi to 5psi for dispensing , I believe that my keg dispensers at 11psi that i carbonated at , Not the 5 psi that I set to pour out the faucet . Question , Should I burp...
  3. karljrberno

    Michigan 15.5 Gallon Commercial Keg

    U'n Cut in original condition Stamped Anheuser Bush :ban: Make offer Located in Clinton Twp I-696 And I-94 Area . [email protected]
  4. karljrberno

    Detroit MI ,CO2 tank + regulators

    Clinton Twp MI ,In need of CO2 tank + regulators ASAP I will be purchasing new this week ;) But if you have used I may be interested in keeping cost slightly lower . Possible trade ::: Two-5 gallon Ball lock kegs HEADS UP for a tank and regulators
  5. karljrberno


    Its not everyday I pitch my Nottingham Yeast onto 96deg F Wort ,,, But when I do : _The Yeast Dies_ :ban:
  6. karljrberno

    Who Re;uses there Yeast ??

    Why and What method ? I am planing on re;using my Yeast from previous batch , By pitching my Wort on rite on top of the yeast from the batch I pull off of it .(Good Idea Or Not ) ?
  7. karljrberno

    Drink my first Lambic today .

    :mug: It Was OK ::: Dont know if I am the biggest fan
  8. karljrberno

    Mashing 24hr later boil

    I plan to brew 40 gal this weekend , How I would like to go about this (PLEASE CHIME IN TO LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE DONE THIS , EVER HEARD OF THIS AND , WHAT YOU THINK ) I want to mash tomorrow morning drain my mash ton into brewer buckets put a lid and air lock , Waite 24 hrs then boil ...
  9. karljrberno

    Keg Co2 leek ?

    I note that my co2 is despairing at a a faster that normal rate like way tooo fast , I recently added a new keg and suspect it is the problem . The problem is the keg has sat with the co2 hooked up for three weeks and is at its desired carbonation level . Would it be a bad idea to exhaust the...
  10. karljrberno

    Head on brew ? keg...

    What makes a bigger/smaller head on the brew , I know it has something to do with the ID on the dispenseing end .. I'm not sure witch way it works , Is bigger ID Going to make big head or a smaller ID Going to dispense more head
  11. karljrberno

    Keging Question?good luck

    Is it good Practice to leave your co2/PSI line hooked up to keg and at your desire PSI for the entire proses of carbonating ? If I add psi to my keg and then disconnect it then let it stand free with no line in or out to the keg will it get to proper carbonation levels or will the beer...
  12. karljrberno

    Pump W/Filter

    This is not a hot liquid pump it is strictly for pumping fermented brew into kegs. Simple designed for simple minds , ill get more pics and a vid of it in action in the nex few days
  13. karljrberno

    stupid starter Q .055 2lter

    Will a starter with a OG=.055 at 1.75ltr's over a 72hr tim spand =A larger cell count ?
  14. karljrberno

    Cold crash/Dry hot same time

    In your opinion or has anybody done this The brew has been ready for a couple of weeksSo it's time to dry hop but I would like to hurry things up So I want to go crash and dry up at the same time
  15. karljrberno

    Starter do you think it would be a problem

    Lately I have been brewing a **** ton and wondering if it would be a good idea to make gallons of starter .040 With corn sugar And store it in jars in the fridge So that I do not have to make it a couple of times a week , Then just bring them out let's get to warm temp And pitch yeast? I was...
  16. karljrberno

    1 2 3 Drink

    I like fresh beer , EXAMPLE: I made a stout at 4.3abv 1-1/2 weeks in primary and 1-1/2 weeks in keg under force carbonation 3 weeks from wort to guzzling in a mug and its great .
  17. karljrberno

    24hr delay to pitch yeast .

    I have no problem letting my wort cool all natural and pitch the yeast 24hrs later , My method is put hot wort in bucket put on lid close off whole,bam sterile . lets hammer this out I know everyone is going to pile on .
  18. karljrberno

    Dry Yeast Washing ?

    Can you wash dry yeast and 0stor it at fridge temp just like a liquid ?
  19. karljrberno

    Washing Yeast Wrong am I ?

    Im trying to save yeast , I have red and understand the {Stickey}on yeast washing , but however I did it wrong compared to the illistration , Tell me if you wASH your yeast what your opinion is .... Here is what i did : 1-upon emptying a primary I added water to the (yeast cake) slaushed it...
  20. karljrberno

    36deg yeast washing ?

    Is 36deg too cold for yeast to sitt in fridge ?