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  1. neuron555

    Great Brewing Nations Best Styles?

    I like to put together sample packs for my friends with a variety of the beers I have brewed. I had the idea of putting together a Great Brewing Nations Combination Pack. So which styles are most representative of each country? Ireland - Stout England - IPA or Bitter? Germany -...
  2. neuron555

    Minerals, water, and extract

    I've read several threads on this subject and emailed Briess, but haven't gotten a clear answer. I know that when an extract is made, there will be minerals in the DME in proportion to the water the plant used. That's why you can get away with using distilled water with extracts. But what if I...
  3. neuron555

    Hop oil solubility

    I asked this general question in the ingredients forum, but I'm not sure the underlying question was heard. I thought the brew chemists in here might tackle this. The way I understand it, the hop oils are insoluable in the natural state. The purpose of boiling is to convert them to the form...
  4. neuron555

    hop infusion?

    I've looked at the threads on dry hopping, but I'm trying to keep things sterile and not add alot of extra solid. I'm interested in adding aroma and not necessarily more bitterness. Some of the threads talk about boiling the hops or hop pellets in a smal amount of weak wort, but that would...
  5. neuron555

    Safale WB 06

    I used this yeast recently for a batch of hefeweizen and thought I would share my experience. When I went to my LHBS to get my ingredients, they were out of the liquid yeast, so I thought I would give it a try. After I got home, I read some of the reviews which were not too encouraging. I...
  6. neuron555

    Adding cloves to hefeweizen

    OK, so maybe this is a harebrained idea, but I have a hefeweizen fermenting with Safale WB-06, and have been thinking (I know, a dangerous habit). I have read conflicting opinions of this yeast but my LHBS was out of the liquid yeast so I decided to give it a try. I started out at about 70...
  7. neuron555

    Breaking the kid in right

    OK, this is a little like the what to brew for SWMBO threads, but my youngest just turned 21, and while I have let him try some of my homebrews from time to time, I figure I can now get him truly educated. My tastes tend towards the more complex, but I like most styles. He will drink some of my...
  8. neuron555

    All in the family?

    I was just wondering how many of us have Homebrewing in the family. I've been brewing a few years, and last year got my oldest son into this addiction. My youngest just turned 21 and gave me a gift card for my next batch of ingredients, as long as he gets to help me brew it. My daughter hasn't...
  9. neuron555

    I may need to lager more.......

    I've done a couple lagers, but last night I bottled JZ's Schwarzbier after 6 weeks in the low 30s. Holy cow - that is smooth as silk. Even flat, I can tell it's going to be great. Patience is definitely a virtue!!
  10. neuron555

    Coconut Curry Hefeweizen

    Hey, does anybody know what this is like? I have heard that Papazian has a recipe in his companion, but I don't have that volume. My brother loves Asian food and this would knock his socks off. If someone has experience, or even better, a recipe, I'd like to hear it.
  11. neuron555

    What is your experience with these hops?

    I am brewing the American Pale Ale II kit from Morebeer this morning (a freebie to make up for a mistake on an order :mug:). The hops that came with the kit are different than the advertised due to hop shortages. I'm fine with trying something different, but haven't any experience with these...
  12. neuron555

    Temperature variation for lagering?

    The answer to this is probably somewhere here, but I couldn't find the exact information. I am making a schwarzbier (Jamil's recipe), using WLP830, German lager yeast. The optimum temperature according to White Labs is 50-55 degrees. This time of year, my garage runs between 43-55 over the 24...
  13. neuron555

    Fresh yeast

    Wow, what a difference fresh, healthy yeast makes. I brewed a belgian tripel yesterday, so Friday I stopped at my LHBS on the way home from work to get my yeast (WLP500). They were still unpacking their delivery, and dug out a vial from a box. I made a starter Friday night, then pitched it...
  14. neuron555

    Now I know what you mean by sulfur!

    I just went to secondary with my first real lager, an Oktoberfest with WLP820. It was in primary, between 40-45 degrees, and when I got to 75% of the way to target FG, I let it warm up to clean up the diacetyl. I just went to secondary tonight after a month in primary, and went from 1.064 to...
  15. neuron555

    Should I strain out the Irish Moss?

    I apologize if this has been covered, but I couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I usually add Irish Moss in the last 15 minutes of the boil. When I transfer to the fermenter, I often pour it through a strainer to get more of the gunk out. What ends up in the strainer looks like most of...
  16. neuron555

    Enough time?

    My son got engaged and they're having a party June 15 (5 1/2 weeks away). I was thinking of doing a batch of Ed Wort's Pale Ale to take. I bottle condition, so do you think that is enough time to get carbonated if I brew tonight?
  17. neuron555

    How much color difference?

    I have a recipe that calls for Crystal 10L, but my LHBS carries only 20L. Will that make much of a difference in color or flavor, or should I just relax, etc?
  18. neuron555

    Oxygen - good or evil?

    I've been homebrewing now for about a year and a half, and have been working towards more challenging recipes, so the information in these threads has been fantastic (especially liked the thread on late additions of ME). One thing has me puzzled (hah - only one?): there are alot of...
  19. neuron555

    Bottle bombs in my future?

    I have been working on this Belgian Tripel for 2 months now. I started at an OG of 1.105, but stalled out at 1.050. I repitched WLP530 (big starter) and got down to 1.034, where it stopped again. I then tossed in WLP715 (champagne yeast), and after 10 days it is holding at 1.030. I am willing...
  20. neuron555

    Use for 6-row malt?

    I am making an oatmeal stout this weekend, and the recipe calls for 4 pounds of 6-row. When my order arrived, I got a six pound bag. Probably hit the wrong number, but I have 2 more pounds than I planned. According to what I read, 6-row is fine if you have alot of adjuncts (like oats), but...