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    My Scottish Export Label

    I like that your warning is satirical, not the real one so many people use on their homebrews. Good label. :mug:
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    Which do you prefer?

    Yeah, I like your last version. Well done.
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    first 3 brews

    That's "She Who Must Be Obeyed." I read it in a FAQ somewhere here. You can get the kind of effects shown on these labels with the Posterize effect, also.
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    Here's my Iowa IPA label

    I like it, especially given the sort of direct translation from the state flag.
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    Which do you prefer?

    Tough call. I like the second one, I guess. Focus on "Groom's Brew" is nice. The print on the first one is a little muddy, and the devils don't seem to go with the sort of Mexicano feel of it to me. I want to like this one better, cuz it's more unique.... Like I said, tough call. Congrats...
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    looking for an idea for a label for my first beer...

    Here's something quick 'n dirty. (If you don't like the wide format, lop one of the faces off. I just liked the symmetry of it.)
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    S-Dog's First down and dirty label

    Handsome. Blue bottles are a sweet thing.
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    first 3 brews

    I like 'em! I have to say, the last one sorta stresses me out. C+ is my favorite of the three. Simple and clear and funny.
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    A new ice age?

    Relax. Don't worry. Have a homebrew. :)
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    Colored dots for bottle identification

    Plan9, excellent examples! A beer with that on its cap is labeled as far as I'm concerned.
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    Gary Gygax fails saving throw.

    Yeah, I played my first D&D in 1977. My brother (who DMed my first game) still runs an active group, so I joined them last night to toast Gary Gygax at a local pub. We picked up a few rolls of dollar coins en route, so we could pay our tab entirely in gold pieces. Thanks, Gary. :mug:
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    ATF looks to ban world smallest handgun................WTF

    Looks to me like there was probably some distracting background. A table covered with crap of some kind, maybe. Someone traced the hand and threw it on a nice gray surface to remove the distraction. Just a guess, though. You could start quite a little crime spree with a gun like that. ;)
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    First Label

    Those are great. I wouldn't change a thing.
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    Rough Draft of First Label

    There ya go. Looks great. Cute pup!
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    label idea

    I think it's looking good in your later versions.
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    Where do you guys get your graphics from?

    I usually modify pix from a google search too, but I went looking just now and found a site with lots of free (for non-commercial use) clip art. Under Backgrounds, click the subhead for Banners and you'll get some nice blank ribbon types of images to choose from.
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    Apfelwein Label

    Checking in with another "Yeah, cool!" vote. :D Looks great.
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    Colored dots for bottle identification

    Combine the color codes WITH the writing to really ensure there's no confusion. Orange ST is the stout you bottled in January. Green ST is the oatmeal stout from October. Just my two bits. I've done stickers and stuff, but I just like labels, since I share a lot of my beer. Not much harder to...
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    My brewery name and logo

    Will you be putting a brew name on the label? If so, maybe you could throw down a sample. Hard to know what to say at this point. It's nice as far as it goes but it feels very incomplete to me. If you feel like it, post a blank of the picture and a couple of brew names and invite people to work...
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    I need label software

    Tell us more. Cheap or pro-level? PC or Mac? Experienced designer stuff or foolproof for beginners?