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  1. storunner13

    Sold Hoffman Electrical Enclosure 20 x 16 x 10

    SOLD New in box Hoffman enclosure. Model CSD201610. UL Listed Type 4/12. Door comes with a built in gasket and grounding wire. All hardware included. Also includes locking handle latch, along with original coin-turn latch. Back panel not included. This is a great panel for your electric...
  2. storunner13

    Minnesota Electric Brew Kettle (MegaPot 15 gal) and HERMS coil / chiller

    I'm selling my HLT and HERMS coil. Changing to RIMS and a 2 vessel system: $180 -- 15 gallon MegaPot, bulkhead and dip tube, plus a second bulkhead and thermometer. This kettle has volume markers, rubberized handles and lid. I punched a hole in the back left quarter of the kettle and have...
  3. storunner13

    Bev-Seal Ultra and John Guest fittings - 3 Tap Kits

    I have some extra tubing and John Guest fittings from a club group buy. I have 3 bundles of 50' of tubing, and 3 sets of Shank and MFL Disconnect push-to-fit connectors. Links: Tubing John Guest Shank John Guest Flare / MFL Disconnect This should be sufficient to set up 3 taps (16.6' of...
  4. storunner13

    Colorado Draft Equipment - Perlick, Johnson, Manifolds, Kegs

    I have some draft equipment for sale. Three Pin Lock Kegs. Good condition. I'll throw in a set of Gas and Liquid Pin Lock Disconnects (MFL) and a set of new o rings. $80 for all three. Perlick Faucets SOLD. Four 5 1/8" faucet shanks. 1/4" bore, stainless steel. Excellent condition...
  5. storunner13

    Colorado 30A L6-30 Plugs, Receptacles, 40mm Hole Saw

    I purchased these for my control panel, but I've decided to go a different direction. These can be installed behind your panel wall, the 40mm hole saw is the right size for the receptacle to sit flush with the wall. These are all new unused, sold together, shipped for $45. 2x Superior...
  6. storunner13

    SS2-50 / California Standard Compatibility?

    I'm wondering if a female SS2-50 locking plug (Marine-style) will fit a California Standard CS6375 power in (male) receptacle. i.e. SS2-50 female into CS6375 I can't for the life of me find anything on this when searching google/HBT/The Electric Brewery. I have a hubbel 50A inlet...
  7. storunner13

    Colorado Siemens 60-AMP GFCI Breaker

    I have a like-new GFCI breaker. I purchased this as a like-new Amazon Warehouse deal. It appears to have been installed, but never connected. I ended up going with a Spa panel instead. Model no. QF260. $55 Shipped OBO
  8. storunner13

    Minnesota Keggles, Immersion Chiller, Shanks, Sparge Arm

    I have a few items for sale. One keggles: Cut sanke with welded 1/2" coupler with female threads on the outside of the kettle. Comes with a long nipple and a brass valve. -- $70 Copper Immesion Chiller. Not sure the specs, but looks to be 3/8" tubing at about 50'. Vinyl tubing and a garden...
  9. storunner13

    Minnesota Hoffman NEMA 1 Enclosures 16x12x6

    I have six Hoffman NEMA 1 enclosures for sale. Model A16N126. Brand new in shrink wrap. $25 each or $45 for two. One unit has a small nick on the side of the door, the others are flawless.
  10. storunner13

    New Equipment Planning--Are there holes in this setup?

    So, after 4 years with the same system, I'm feeling the itch to upgrade my system and add a little more control over mashing and sparging. Currently I use a 10gal Rubbermaid cooler with an 8 gallon aluminum pot. I brew on the stovetop with the help of a 2000w electric heatstick. I occasionally...
  11. storunner13

    MPLS Request -- Borrow a Ball Lock Corny Keg?

    Hey all--I'm throwing an Oktoberfest party the weekend of the 28th (1 week from now). I'll have 6 beers on tap, but 2 of my 5 kegs are currently occupied! Would anyone from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area be willing to lend me a ball lock keg for the week / weekend?
  12. storunner13

    Infusions/Decoctions - Under 90 minutes

    So I'm brewing a Doppelbock tonight and have planned on a multi-temp mash schedule. I'm brewing stovetop BIAB style with a pseudo stovetop sparge/steep (a'la Deathbrewer). I'm looking to maximize extraction and maltiness with my schedule--and do it within 90 minutes. I'm not hardcore enough...
  13. storunner13

    Cascade Focused Ale

    So I've just received 2 pounds of Cascade leaf hops from a local grower here near Minneapolis (Hippity Hops Farms). They are organic and look fantastic! I plan on using 1 pound intermittently in various brews. However I wanted to use the other pound to really highlight the character of the...
  14. storunner13

    WLP 550 - Top Cropper?

    I used this yeast in a Blond recently and after 2 weeks there was still a nice cap of yeast on top of the beer. Has anyone else noticed this top-cropping tendency in this yeast? Just curious on this one...I wasn't expecting it when I finally racked it to the keg!
  15. storunner13

    Late Hopping Techniques

    So, I've been creating some recipes and I've been contemplating 2 different general methods of late hopping some pale ales... I'll either add the hops at 2 different times (something around 10-15 and 0-5) OR I'll hop at 5 minute intervals starting at 20 minutes. What have people experienced...
  16. storunner13

    Repitch --NOT the usual question

    So I fermented 2.5 gallons of a Berlinner Weiss using ONLY the wild culture I got from a starter with crushed barley malt. Both Lacto. and Sacc. and (probably) something else too. I just pitched another beer onto the yeast cake. Should I repitch Saccharomyces after a few days of souring...
  17. storunner13

    Culturing Brett Anomalous

    Does anyone know commercial beer fermented with only Brett A.? I know Avery 15 was the go-to source for this strain, but I'm curious if there are other commercial beers available at this time. If all else fails, I'll go with Brett C. ..not a big loss if it comes down to it!
  18. storunner13

    Hops and Lactobacillus - not IBUs?

    So...just thinking about the 'common knowledge' (or at least common after reading Wild Brews and other 'Funk' blogs) that Lactobacillus is 'IBU-phillic' - or, is unable to reproduce when in an environment with high IBUs. Do we know that it is the IBU contribution of hops which inhibits...
  19. storunner13

    Pellicle: Pichia or Brett?

    This might be more appropriate for the "Wild / Lambic Brewing" forum.. So, I set out to culture lactobacillus from grain (and outlined it here) and found I had cultured some lactobacillus and some other wild (and maybe not so wild) yeast. I split my Berliner batch and pitched the...