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  1. jbschuyler

    Keeping Temp Control Water Clean?

    Hi all, I ferment with a Flex+ Fermentor with the temp control coil, to which I have tubing attached that connects to a cooler and submersible pump. I switch out the ice packs to keep it cool, but now at about a week into the ferment, my cooling water is getting a bit murky. Anyone with...
  2. jbschuyler

    Windsor Taste or Mild Infection

    HI All, I am about 17 days in on fermenting an Irish Red Ale, for which I used Windsor yeast for the first time. I did gravity samples 4 and 2 days ago and it appears to be steady and done at 1.015. I tasted both samples and got a slight hint of sour (not heavy at all), which reminded me of a...
  3. jbschuyler

    Ideal Keg PSI for Pressurized Transfer after Spunding

    Hi All, I am preparing for my first pressurized transfer after spunding a 5 gallon batch in my Spike Flex+ fermentor. Currently, the tank is sitting at 15psi. In the next couple of days I will cold crash down to about 35-40 degrees, and I'm guessing the tank pressure will drop to around...
  4. jbschuyler

    Sending CO2 down sanke liquid spear to speed carbonation?

    Hi all - new question here after coming up dry on searching posts. In order to speed keg carbonation, a friend told me that he sometimes he pushes CO2 down the liquid post of his ball lock kegs. Has anyone ever tried doing this on a sanke keg? I have several D-couplers and could set one up for...